Roman tours project

The religion of Ancient Rome was a polytheistic mosh pit of gods and goddesses that I’m not even sure the roman people could name all of them. Most roman gods and goddesses were ripped straight from Greek religion with them being practically copy and pasted of all but their names. The roman gods where a sadistic bunch requiring common sacrifices or your whole family will burned to the ground and all that jazz. This went anywhere from sacrificing animals to virgins. Even the marriages where freaking creepy, filled with things I’m not allowed to talk about at school. But enough about  the gross stuff let’s get on to the cool stuff pretty much each roman god was messed up or flawed in some way, it could be anywhere from constantly cheating or deformed from birth but each one was worshiped anyway. Some even had their own cults of people that thought this god is the coolest dude/dudette in the whole wide world. Other than that though roman religion was just something to keep the peasants occupied while the up and coming political parties of the time played their game.

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