Angelica Tsvetkov – Military (Equipment and Training)

There is a saying that if you have more possessions than you can carry for a mile, then the possessions actually own you. The roman soldiers accepted this philosophy and would never carry no more than 60 pounds of equipment.The military equipment was composed of essentials the soldiers would need during war. Each soldier had a shield, sword, spear/pilum, their other kit, a pack, a digging tool, a cloak, a patera, a water flask, and rations of food. Pilums are heavy and useless except in battle while Spears are all purpose tools . Everything the soldiers had would be strapped to a furca, which is a four-foot long pole with a t-shape to form a cross bar.

Moving on, Roman soldiers needed to be disciplined and trained. Training of the Roman soldiers could be separated into 5 different stages. The first  stage was marching. Once trainees could walk 20 miles in 5 hours then they must go to 40 miles in 12 hours. If the trainees could even stand up the next day the must do the same routine but in full armor. During the second stage the trainees would have to practice swordplay with a wooden post. During the third stage the soldiers would practice using a pilum with the legionaries. In the fourth stage the trainees have to leap over barracks in full armour with a vaulting horse. The last stage is drilling. The trainees must shout, walk, command, and fall in defense as one.


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