Jane Ansah Roman Clothing

My topic of Ancient Rome was clothing. Back then, clothing was pretty important. It not only served as protection against harsh conditions and as adornment for the body, but was also used to show ranks and status of those in the society. Most of all the clothing for both the men and women were the same, they had many varied styles. The children’s clothing was not as important as the adults. They basically wore the same thing their parents did, but in their size of course. The most known type of clothing among the ancient Romans was the toga. There is a myth that all Romans wore togas, when in reality, that wasn’t the case at all. The men of a higher rank mostly wore tunics over their undergarments known as tunics. Those of lower ranks wore tunics, and depending on what you did,m there were many types of it. Same goes for the Toga; there were many different styles of it, each one specified to a certain duty. Although the women did USE to wear togas, they stopped that practice, and it came that only prostitutes and women of an extremely low rank wore togas. The regular women wore just tunics, and matrons wore a garment called a stola over their tunics as a sign of respect. Soldiers wore trousers, ans slaves wore basic short tunics so they would be able to work easily.

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