Roman Gladiator and Circus Maximus- Joey Sears

My topic is the Roman Gladiator and Circus Maximus and sports. Roman gladiators were usually slaves of war captives. They were put into the Coliseum to fight to the death. When someone first becomes a gladiator they have to go through vigorous training and go through obstacle courses. To prepare they have to practice hand to hand combat with a variety of weapons. Usually gladiators have their weapon of choice but occasionally they were required to fight with a randomly selected weapon. Once in the arena, the gladiator would go on to fight an animal or another person. If they fought another person, they would usually fight to the death unless the Emperor said otherwise. If they fought an animal they would fight until they died or the animal died. Also, another topic I did was Circus Maximus. The main sport event that was held here was chariot racing. This was a very dangerous sport in which many died. If you crashed in a chariot you would most likely die which is why it was so dangerous.

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