Hampton Wimbish Roman Roads

The Roman roads played a huge factor in the lives of the Romans and they even impacted our road system today. Trenches were dug so that they could be filled with the necessary materials to construct the roads. The Romans would fill the trenches with stones, followed by pebbles, cement, and sand to form a base layer. Then, they would place paving stones on top that were cut so that they could fit tightly together and form the surface walked and driven on. The Roman Empire covered a vast majority of Europe in its prime, and it needed a system of roads for easy travel throughout the large empire. The ingenious design and thought processes of the Romans provided for this very complex road system that, believe it or not, still exists today in some parts of Europe. They were built to last an eternity. It was that same idea that fueled the modern road system we have today. Without the Romans, we could possibly still be traveling on dirt roads!

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