Sierra Moore: Roman Art

Roman Art was an extremely relevant part of ancient Roman’s lives. They were greatly inspired by the awe evoking works created by the Greeks, and their work often reflected the Greek’s themes. Sculptures were one aspect of ancient Roman art. Most sculptures were large stone creations that portrayed an everyday Roman activity or scene; these would often be hung on walls of a wealthy person’s home. Other types of sculptures included busts which were placed in gardens, libraries, and other main rooms of a Roman’s home. Mosaics, another popular form of ancient Roman art, were littered within Roman villas. Romans used many sizes and shapes of tiny pieces of stone, called tesserae, to portray an image in these mosaics. They were used to depict various everyday items like clothing, foods, and tools. Art was mainly exhibited in a wealthy Roman villa. Different rooms within this villa had different types of artwork and decor. For example, in the Vestibulum, there were often floor mosaics that portrayed messages like “welcome” or “beware of the dog”.


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