Aqueducts- Jake Dexter

Aqueducts were essential to life back in ancient Rome. They carried a resource that is one of the most necessary to live for miles to the villages, water. The first Roman aqueduct was built in 312 B.C. by Appius Claudius. Even though the aqueducts existed, they weren’t used that often. People still used the traditional ways of getting water, such as wells and streams. However, the population began to rise, and more water was desired. The main water channel of the aqueduct was called the Specus. This was essential to the Aqueducts. The original ways of building the aqueducts have been lost in history, but there are some things that are still known. Such as it was difficult to build them because of the uneven grounds and all the hills, the water resources were usually far from cities, so the aqueducts had to be very long, and it had to be put at the exact correct slant, otherwise the water would flow too fast, or not at all. To build it, there were many people needed. Most of the workers were freemen, but the back-breaking and most dangerous jobs were saved for slaves. Overall, if it wasn’t for the aqueducts, the people of Rome may not have been able to survive and thrive as they did. They were essential to life and were a great technological break-through.

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