Lauren Weber Survivor Letter

Virginia Holocaust Museum

2000 East Cary Street

Richmond, VA 23223


Dear Shep Zitler:

Hello, my name is Lauren Weber and I work at the Virginia Holocaust Museum in Richmond. I am writing to you about your story and a photo I found. My museum has been receiving photos from the Holocaust time and I placed my eyes on a certain one. I found a photo of a group of male soldiers and in your story I read you were a soldier and a prisoner of war. It looks like the picture I found and your story have a connection. I could really use your help with helping me understand more about this photograph.

In your story I read about how you were drafted into the Polish army. That must have been hard being away from everyone and being forced to do it. The photo I found is a group of soldiers in Poland after the invasion there. Your story talks about being in the same invasion in Poland. I am writing to you because both your story and the photo I found are the same time period and very similar to each other.

Since I am from Virginia Holocaust museum I am wondering if I could possibly use your story in our exhibit so you can share with others what you went through. If you are fine with this I would love for you to write back to me because I have lots of questions. I read that you were starved and many of your family members were dying. Why did you want to keep going? How did you get through each day not knowing what would happen next? I have more questions so please get back to me if you can.

Thank you so much for letting me read your story and I am hoping to hear back from you. I hope you are doing okay and let’s hope that awful time period will never come back again.


Lauren Weber

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