Holocaust letter

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Virginia Holocaust Museum

2000 East Cary Street

Richmond, VA 23223

December 3, 2014


Dear Solomon Radasky:

My name is Katie Belic and I work at the Virginia Holocaust Museum in Richmond Virginia. I am a curator there and has recently obtained some fascinating photos from the Holocaust. I studied many of the pictures and became very interested in the experiences of those who were in them. I researched many survivors to read about their stories and lives including yours online. (http://www.holocaustsurvivors.org) As I was reading your story one of the photographs came into mind. After reading, it seemed as if I could actually see you in the picture suffering the same exact things. I would like to know more about the photograph and the history behind it, and I think you could give me the best information.

I read your story and noticed how you added a picture of the striped shirts that are also in my picture. So, I kept reading and saw that when you were sent to Majdanek, a concentration camp they gave you those to wear. You said everyone had to stand at the appell in wooden shoes and I didn’t know what an appell was. Though, when I looked it up it said it means, “roll call.” Also, that it was a daily feature of the camp life and would last for hours. That must have been awful and I think it’s very brave of you to have gotten through that. I discovered that my photograph is also a picture of a roll call and I think you experienced about the same thing.

I was curious and would be very gracious if we could use your story in our exhibit in the Virginia Holocaust Museum. I think it’s very important for others to know how it was during that time and a personal experience from one of the survivors. If you agree I also have some questions for you so I can add to the exhibit. In your story you talked about a man who was smoking while you were in roll call and he wouldn’t fess up and you almost got hung for it. Why didn’t you tell who it was so you wouldn’t be killed? You also mentioned a man named, Erlich that you met. Did you become good acquaintances with him and help each other out?

Thank you for putting you story on the internet so I and many others could be informed of your experiences. I would like to use it in the museum so even more people can learn about your story and the Holocaust in general.


Katie Belic

(Link to story: http://www.holocaustsurvivors.org/data.show.php?di=record&da=survivors&ke=7 )

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