Survivor letter Katlyn Monday

Dear Lili Silberman,


My name is Katlyn Monday, and I and the owner of the Virginia Holocaust Museum, located in Richmond, Virginia. This museum has come upon a collection of photographs from the Holocaust and after investigating them we have found interesting data. We have stumbled upon a picture of you and your brother during the Holocaust. And we be delighted if you grant us permission to use yours and your brothers’ life story during the Holocaust. And we also like to use the picture taken you and your brother in this museum. I also hoping to gather information on this picture and your experience during the Holocaust.

In your life story you talked about how you and your brother were both sent to a convent after the army discovered that your orphanage were hiding you and your brother. And I would also like to know more about your experience at the convent and how you felt being separated from your brother for so long. In the looks of the picture I discovered of you and your brother that you two were not that old when you went into hiding. How were you living situations in the convent and what did you eat and do there during your stay.

Thank you for your time and for sharing your experience during the Holocaust.



Katlyn Monday


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