Jan 20

Song for the Planets

Mrs. Claytor’s 5th grade student re-created a song called We Are the Planets. It’s a cool hip hop song teaching the students all about each planet. They memorized the song, practiced the song with good attitude, and record their song using audacity. Getting the vocals off the original songs was tough so I used Garage Band (you could use audacity) to loop a common cord in the original song and found a generic hip hop beat to put with their voices. This is their song. Great job Mrs. Claytor and students (10 girls in all).

Jan 15

Regions of USA Maps

Ms. Atkins and her 5th grade students are studying the regions of the United States. They are finishing with Southeast regions. Students are using Google Maps to trace around the region to show which states are included and pinning the State with information as well as pinning special places in each of the states and adding pictures and fun facts. Students will continue to add regions and information as they study them. Students will also add to the map areas they study with Novels or books they read.

Jan 15

Elapsed Time with Nearpod

Mrs. Newtons’s 3rd grade class used Nearpod to practice and show their understanding of elapsed time. We included a video tutorial on the steps and had problems for students to work on and submit. We were able to have discussion after each problem and students could see where they may have made a mistake. At the end of the Nearpod presentation students were really getting the hang of it. Just go to Nearpod.com to get your free account.
nearpod pic

Jan 13


Kindergarten students at Gayton Elem. are studying digraphs. Students participated in sounding the two letters to make one sound and acted out the word. We will continue to film students coming up with new words and eventually create a website to help other KG students. Here is one example.

KG "SH" Digraphs from Alfonso Favale on Vimeo.

Jan 04


4th grade at Springfield Park have been coding using Scratch. They are designing projects about Jamestown which is what they are studying in Virginia studies. The students have taken charge and discovering new things every time they work on their projects. Here is a sample.


Jan 04

Radio Show

3rd grade at Springfield Park took a story they were reading and decided that they wanted to turn that into a radio show with commercials. Students did the readings, sound effects, commercials on saving the environment. Enjoy the show.

Jan 04

Reading Connections

First grade students at Nuckols Farm were learning about making connections while reading. Text to text, world to text, or self to text. We introduced the YAKiT app and students chose a book they read and had that book talk about their connection. Here are a couple of examples.

Video 1

Video 2

Jan 04

Rock Cycle Songs

Mrs. Livesay’s 5th grade students were in a musical mood…so..we decided to create some rock cycle songs using quick voice app then edit using audacity. Uploaded songs to Google Drive to share the link. I placed them in my soundcloud for you to enjoy.

Jan 04

Let’s Go!

Just a reminder, children ……
learn by doing
are sponges when it comes to learning
are wired differently than 10+ years ago
are fun and love to have fun
will let you know when they are not engaged enough
through their behavior
want to please you and others
love to create original work
use all senses
want responsibility
make mistakes
Share with others

Use the sign up page to get together with me so we can bring some fun into your room and let the children discover themselves.