Oil and Water

Oil and Water

What happens when you mix oil and water?

Photo Mar 26, 1 35 28 PM

We decided to find out…

Photo Mar 26, 1 37 29 PM


The oil floats on top of the water – fascinating.  But we wondered what are the implications of oil floating on water in the real world?  We read Oil Spill by Melvin Berger to find out more information.

Photo Mar 26, 1 51 23 PM


We learned that an oil spill in the ocean can be very harmful to all of the plants and animals living in and around the water.  We must do everything we can to protect our environment and all the living things in it.

Photo Mar 26, 2 00 14 PM Photo Mar 26, 1 59 55 PM Photo Mar 26, 1 59 38 PM


Who Would Win?

Who Would Win?

Photo Mar 11, 2 37 21 PM

Have you ever wondered who would win if a Polar Bear and Grizzly Bear got into a fight?  Well, that’s exactly what we decided to find out.  After posing the question, students made a prediction and gave a reason for the choice.  Students used this recording sheet (thank you, Deanna Jump).  We created a picture graph of our predictions and used the graph for discussion.  Clearly most of the class thought a Polar Bear would win!!

Photo Mar 11, 1 50 36 PM


We then set out to research Polar Bears and Grizzly Bears using PebbleGo.  Students took notes while researching.

Photo Mar 11, 1 51 45 PMPhoto Mar 11, 1 50 48 PM Photo Mar 11, 1 50 55 PM

After research and rich discussion, we decided to find out WHO WOULD WIN!  Guess what???  It would probably be the Grizzly Bear!


Spring Centers

Spring Centers

To celebrate spring, Thursdays class focussed on Spring Centers.  Students were given many options for Spring themed centers and could work at their own pace to complete activities.

Jelly Bean Graphing, Patterns, and Fractions…

jelly bean graph 1


Egg Inferences…

inferences #1


Egg Measurement with the balance….



Eggs Full of Sound…

sounds 1


Eggs Full of Money…

money 2

money 3

money 4

money 5



The Easter Bunny’s Assistant

The Easter Bunny’s Assistant

Today we read one of my FAVORITE books… The Easter Bunny’s Assistant.  I think it is now one of the children’s favorites, too : )  We centered the entire day around activities that go along with the book.

book cover


In the story, the skunk gets really excited about dying the eggs – the problem is… when skunk gets excited, he gets a little stinky, too!  We decided to write about what we do when we get excited.



We also completed an Easter Bunny’s Assistant application that included fingerprints and best hopping distance (measured in unifix cubes).

jump 1

measuring jump


We also solved some Bunny and Skunk math problems.


We ended the day by making Bunny and Skunk hats.  All in all, it was a pretty fun day!

bunny craft

group photo

Matter Dissolving Stations

Matter Dissolving Stations

On Wednesday we visited the STREAM Lab.  During the lab, children worked in groups of 2 or 3 to explore different solids and determine if they would dissolve into water (liquid).  Students first made predictions and then recorded observations using a google form on the iPad.  I then created a data chart to show our results and guide our discussion.

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 2.25.46 PM


matter form


Photo Mar 20, 9 19 01 AM Photo Mar 20, 9 20 07 AM Photo Mar 20, 9 29 24 AM Photo Mar 20, 9 29 38 AM Photo Mar 20, 9 33 29 AM Photo Mar 20, 9 35 36 AM Photo Mar 20, 9 35 51 AM Photo Mar 20, 9 38 22 AM Photo Mar 20, 9 38 54 AM Photo Mar 20, 9 39 47 AM Photo Mar 20, 9 50 53 AM





Is it a solid or is it a liquid?  That is the question…

After reading Bartholomew and the Oobleck, we decided to make our own Oobleck.  Mix 1 part water to 1.5 to 2 parts cornstarch.  Add a little green food coloring, mix well,  and voila! You have Oobleck!

photo 3


The children loved getting to put their hands in the Oobleck.  It is a fascinating non-Newtonian fluid that has both the properties of a solid AND a liquid.

photo 1 photo 2

The children were fascinated watching videos of Oobleck.  Check out this ‘walking on Oobleck’ video.

Science is definitely a LOT of fun!!

Famous American Research

Famous American Research

To culminate our study of Famous Americans, students worked on research projects. Students were placed in groups of 4 and completed research during library time with Mrs. Utley. During the first week of research, students used books and magazines found in the library. In the next research session, students used a kid-friendly search engine, Pebblego, to read about and take notes on a Famous American. After research was complete, students worked collaboratively to create a final presentation, including a poster and presentation. The final products were outstanding!

Photo Mar 29, 10 22 03 AM

Photo Mar 29, 10 22 23 AM

Photo Mar 29, 10 23 04 AM

Photo Mar 29, 10 23 23 AM

Photo Mar 29, 10 23 47 AM

Economics Comes Alive!

Economics Comes Alive!

The First Grade Marketplace – Economics Comes to Life!

Oh what fun it is to teach first grade!  Over the past 2 weeks, we have learned all about Economics.  We know that economics is “using what you have to get what you need or want.”  And boy, did we do that!  We began the project with a little market research.  We used this research sheet to guide our research.  We found out all about Economics terms and also a little about the importance of advertising.  This would come in handy a little later in the project.

I decided to open the First Grade Marketplace and students worked in groups to open booths within the Marketplace.  Children worked with their teams to brainstorm ideas for goods and services to sell at the Marketplace.  Children used the following Planning Sheet to organize thoughts.

Obviously, the children have many talents that were used to make goods.  Each child used skills to provide services like nail painting, reading, piggyback rides, and desk cleaning.

We are producers of goods and services!  Check out our Marketplace preparations….

With all this talent, we decided to open the Marketplace with 5 stores (The Christmas Store, Kidsmart, Walmart, Everything Special, and Movie Theatre) and become sellers of our goods and services. But how would we let people know about our booths?  Each team worked collaboratively to create both a poster advertisement and a commercial.  Check them out…

Movie Theatre from Ashley Gallienne on Vimeo.

Kidsmart from Ashley Gallienne on Vimeo.

Walmart from Ashley Gallienne on Vimeo.

Each student earned Gator Bucks for all of the hard work put into opening up the stores.  On Friday, we changed into buyers.  Students got to shop and spend Gator Bucks for goods and services.  Students were now consumers!

How exciting to learn about Economics in such a fun way!