Welcome Back Team Pinchbeck!

Welcome Back Team Pinchbeck!

I hope you are having a FANTASTIC summer and that you are ready for all the FUN we will have in fourth grade! Our theme this year is “We are ONE team of LEADERS with ONE goal and NO limits to our success!” We will work together as a team this year using the 7 Habits of Happy Kids to guide us! You will experience a tremendous amount of growth and accomplishment this year! I am THRILLED to get to know you and your families! We will have a FABULOUS year together in fourth grade!

This summer I enjoyed relaxing on the beach with family and friends, snuggling with my baby boy, reading many books, and playing with my puppy, Bella!

Please leave a comment letting me know about YOUR summer and one thing you’re looking forward to this year!

 I can’t wait to meet you at the Open House on Thursday, August 30th! 🙂

To my fabulous FIFTH grade LEADERS:

WOW! What an exciting and memorable year it has been! Each of you has brought so much happiness and joy to our classroom! I am so fortunate to have had each of you in my class this year! I’m thankful for all your smiles and hugs and I’m grateful for all we have shared. All the adventures and great moments have helped us create, not just a class, but our class. A friendly and safe environment we all felt happy to be part of. Each of you has given your best as you have ALL worked incredibly hard throughout this year. I can’t find the words to describe how proud I am of you. Don’t ever forget that I will ALWAYS care about your success. Thank you for sharing your life and this year with me! I hope you will stay in touch through the coming years to let me share in your success. I love you all and wish you the best! You are ready to ROCK 5th grade! I am SO proud of you!

Love, Mrs. Dubs

SOL Ice Cream Celebration!

Students worked incredibly hard on their SOL tests and as a reward for their hard work, were able to enjoy an EPIC ice cream party today! It was the perfect day to enjoy a sweet treat and gave us a chance to reflect on all of our accomplishments this year! Way to go 4th graders! Thank you Mrs. Atkins and Mrs. Wells for volunteering your time to help scoop ice cream and to all 4th grade parents who donated supplies!

Teach the Teacher Lessons

WOW! My students absolutely blew me away with their “Teach the Teacher” lessons! They did an incredible job engaging their students with hands-on activities! I learned so many new things- piano notes, all about Minecraft, how to make a lava lamp, how slime is made, facts about World War I, how to throw a football, etc., I LOVED watching students share their talents with us! Check out pictures from each lesson in the video below!

Godwin Robotics Team Visit

Today the Godwin High School Robotics Team, TALON 540, came to visit our class! Robotics team members taught our class the basics of robotics and students were able to help build a real Arduino robot! What an amazing opportunity! Check out the flipbook for some pictures of our fun!

Bubble STEAM Day

We had an awesome Bubble STEAM Day today! We began by having a discussion about what bubbles are made of and why they pop. We watched some cool videos about bubbles and then designed our own bubble wands. Students were given pipe cleaners and straws and used their creativity to make the perfect bubble wand. Students designed triangle wands, square wands, and some students even attempted to make 3-D cubes! We had a blast testing our wands and having some bubble fun! Check out a video of our day!

We love Mr. B!

Today Mr. B came to read B.J. Novak’s hilarious book “The Book With No Pictures!” We had a blast listening to him read! Thanks, Mr. B! We are so sad that Mr. B will be going to another school next year! We wish you all the best at your new school! Once a Pinchbeck Ray, ALWAYS a Pinchbeck Ray!

Our Living Legends!

All year students have been working hard to move up on our Super Improver Wall. Each time a student improves in an area or goes above and beyond, they earn a star. Once students have improved ten times, they move up to the next level. Moving up 10 levels means they are a LIVING LEGEND! We have 4 students in our class this year that have earned this TOP honor. This is a HUGE accomplishment! Check out a photo of this year’s living legends!! Awesome job!!