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Fall 2018 Course Catalog

EMT Course

Information and Registration Packet

Dates:  May 28 – August 28, 2018

The ACE Center at Hermitage is pleased to offer this course which designed to allow students the flexibility of an *online Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Course. Please read thoroughly all of the information contained in this information packet. You are encouraged to review the costs and complete the course prerequisites as soon as possible.

This course is limited to 30 students.

*Note, this program will meet on Tuesday and/or Wednesday nights to perform skills.


At the completion of this course the student will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the basic life support provider as a member of the emergency medical services. The student will be able to integrate basic life support procedures with a comprehensive understanding of medical conditions to provide care in a pre-hospital environment.

This course will prepare the student to sit for the National Registry Emergency Medical Technician Exam. After the successful completion of this course and National Registry testing, you will be issued a Virginia Emergency Medical Technician certification.

Topics to be covered will include theory and application of the following areas: foundations of EMS, Research, human systems, shock, medical terminology, patient assessment, vital signs, airway management, child birth, assessment based approach and management. At a minimum, this class conforms to the curriculum of the Virginia Office of EMS.

All online modules have to be completed by a specific deadline. This course is mostly online and uses an online learning management system. Instead of coming to class and listening to lectures, students are required to read the textbook, complete interactive assignments, watch videos, and take quizzes and tests online.

This course will require at least a 10-15 hour a week investment of time to be given to be successful. Each week the student will be in the classroom on Tuesday and/or Wednesday night from 1700 to 2100 for skills and face to face time with the instructor for any questions and reinforcement of anything needed from the book.


To be successful in this course you will need:

  1. To be self-motivated. Almost all of the didactic material will be in the form of online modules including online videos, online power points, reading assignments, tests, and quizzes that have to be completed by a specific date. As with all online educational programs, the student has to be self-motivated to complete all assignments on time.
  2. Access to a high speed internet and a computer. High speed internet access and a computer is a must for this course. Generally, county libraries offer computers and high speed internet for use. Do not rely solely on cell phone date plans. Do not rely on a cell phone to access course materials as the software is too extensive for use on a cell phone. Henrico County Public Schools is not responsible for data overage charges. Assignments must be completed on time regardless of access to internet and/or a computer.
  3. Complete the physical requirements of the class. You must be able to complete all skills, which can at times be physically demanding. This will include kneeling, crouching, bending, performing compressions, reaching, pushing, pulling, and lifting at least 150 lbs. For more detailed information about the physical requirements of this course, see the EMT Job Description attached to this application.



Applicants must submit a completed application via the following:

  1. Please go to our website at:  www.henricoadulteducation.com
  2. Once you are there you will click on the Spring 2018 Catalog image.  A PDF image of our catalog will open.
  3. Please navigate to page 3.
  4. Under the heading “GENERAL ADULT CLASSES” there will be a blue hyperlink that once clicked, will take you directly to the payment page.
  5. The payment page will open with a grey box on the left of the screen that has the types of schools in Henrico County.  You will need to select ADULT.
  6. Selecting Adult will take you to the Adult page with more choices.  You will need to select Adult Catalog Classes.
  7. Once you do this, all classes available for registration will appear.  You are looking for #203 EMT Training – Student (high school).
  8. Click on those words.  A new page will open with the description, the price, and a button that says “Add to Cart”.
  9. Push that button.  Make sure you have a quantity of “1” then hit “checkout”.
  10. From there, if you have never used the OSP program, you will need to register.  If you HAVE used the program, you can sign into your account.
  11. After completing this step, you will need to enter your credit card information and complete your purchase.  There is a 4% service fee so you will pay an additional $8 for using a credit card.  This fee is non-refundable should anything happen and your son is approved for a refund for the class.

Below is a hyperlink that will take you directly to step 7 above.  From there you will follow the rest of the steps listed above.  If you have any problems with these directions, please call me directly and I will be happy to verbally walk you through the process.  Together we’ll get this resolved.


The Virginia Office of EMS (OEMS) requires that the student be at least sixteen years of age and have a valid Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) card for Healthcare Providers before they may begin the EMT course. (Information on a CPR class will be offered at beginning of class)

In addition, each student must provide:

  • Proof of Age (driver’s license, learner’s permit with photo or birth certificate)
  • Proof of Citizenship (social security card, current VISA, passport or student resident green card)
  • Full immunization records (MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis B and a PPD) TB Test must be within last year and still be current at end of class
  • Negative urine drug screen must have been done in last 60 days before class starts

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Requirements

Applicants must hold a current approved CPR certification by the first day of the course.  The course must be from the list of approved course below. The certification must remain current through the end of the class.

As of Feb 19, 2014, the Va. Office of EMS the following CPR courses are approved:

  • AHA BLS “Healthcare Provider”
  • American Red Cross – “CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and Healthcare Provider” or CPR/AED for Lifeguards
  • ECSI – “Professional Rescuer/Healthcare Provider CPR & AED
  • EMS Safety Services, INC. CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers
  • Medic First Aid – BLS for Professionals “BLSPRO”
  • ProCPR – “Healthcare Provider”

EMS Personnel Requirements and Standard of Conduct

Applicants shall meet and maintain compliance with the following general requirements:

  • Be proficient in reading, writing, and speaking the English language in order to clearly communicate with a patient, family, or bystander to determine a chief complaint, nature of illness, mechanism of injury and/or assess signs and symptoms.
  • Be clean and neat in appearance.
  • If you are a foreign national, you must have secured a U.S. Government Student Visa.
  •  If you have not been issued a U.S. Social Security Administration number, you must submit copies of your U.S. Government Student Visa together with your enrollment form.

Age Requirements

Va. Office of EMS Regulations state that all students enrolled in EMS courses must be a minimum of 16 years of age by the beginning date of the EMS course. Students must be 16 by May 27, 2018 to enroll in this course. There is no flexibility in regards to this date.

Any student less than 18 years of age will be required to sign the Student Permission Form (TR-07). If you are affiliated with an EMS or other public safety agency you must also provide the Course Coordinator with documentation from an Officer of the agency stating, you will be covered by agency insurance while attending the course.

Criminal History

There are certain types of criminal records that will preclude you from applying for EMS certification.  These are generally crimes which would preclude you from ever having EMS certification in Virginia. These are listed in detail below. For more information, please contact

the Course Coordinator, Johnna Chandler, jfchandler@henrico.k12.va.us. In some cases, you may be referred to the OEMS for clarification.

Individuals convicted of certain crimes present an unreasonable risk to public health and safety. Thus, applications, for certification by individuals convicted of the following crimes will be denied in all cases:

  1. Felonies involving sexual misconduct where the victim’s failure to affirmatively consent is an element of the crime, such as forcible rape.
  2. Felonies involving the sexual or physical abuse of children, the elderly or the infirm, such as sexual misconduct with a child, making or distributing child pornography or using a child in a sexual display, incest involving a child, or assault on an elderly or infirm person.
  3. Any crime in which the victim is an out-of-hospital patient or a patient or resident of a healthcare facility including abuse of, neglect of, theft from, or financial exploitation of a person entrusted to the care or protection of the applicant.
  4. Serious crimes of violence against persons such as assault or battery with a dangerous weapon, aggravated assault and battery, murder or attempted murder, manslaughter except involuntary manslaughter, kidnapping, robbery of any degree, or arson.
  5. Has been subject to a permanent revocation of license or certification by another state EMS office or other recognized state or national healthcare provider licensing or certifying body.

Individuals in the following categories will be denied application for certification by the Office of EMS except in extraordinary circumstances and then will be granted only when and if the applicant or provider establishes by clear and convincing evidence that certification will not jeopardize public health and safety.

  1. Application for certification by individuals who have been convicted of any crime and who are currently incarcerated, on work release, on probation, or on parole.
  2. Application for or certification by individuals convicted of crimes in the following categories unless at least five (5) years have passed since the conviction or five (5) years have passed since release from custodial confinement whichever occurs later.
  3. Crimes involving controlled substances or synthetics, including unlawful possession or distribution or intent to distribute unlawfully Schedule I through V drugs as defined by the Virginia Drug Control Act. (54.1-3400 seq. of the Code of Virginia).
  4. Serious crimes against property, such as grand larceny, burglary, embezzlement, or insurance fraud.
  5. Any other crime involving sexual misconduct.
  6. Is currently under any disciplinary or enforcement action from another state EMS office or other recognized state or national healthcare provider licensing or certifying body. Personnel subject to these disciplinary or enforcement actions may be eligible for certification provided there have been no further disciplinary or enforcement actions for five (5) years prior to application for certification in Virginia.

All references to criminal acts or convictions under this section refer to substantially similar laws or regulations of any other state or the United States. Convictions include prior adult convictions, juvenile convictions, and adjudications of delinquency based on an offense that would have been, at the time of conviction, a felony conviction if committed by an adult within or outside of Virginia.

See Virginia EMS Regulations, 12VAC5-31-900, 12VAC5-31-910 (October 10, 2012) for more information.


This course runs from May 28, 2018 through August 28, 2018.

All coursework must be completed by August 28, 2018 at 11:59 PM.  Most of the coursework is to be completed in an online format, however, there will be in-person meetings for an introduction, first night paperwork, skill nights, and last night paperwork.

Information Sessions  7pm  May 22nd and 23rd at the Ace Center at Hermitage High School

Those not enrolled can get information about the class and register. Those who are enrolled can turn in required paperwork and do first night paperwork.

A syllabus will be attached.


$200 includes MyBradyLab, class fee, liability insurance, and 1 polo shirt.

Student must purchase belt, boots, and EMS pants.



EMT Class……………………… $550

Includes  ……………..access to MyBrady lab, E-book, 1 polo shirt.

Student needs to purchase:

Liability Insurance (I have resources to give them)



EMS pants

Sweatshirt is optional …………$56

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