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Computer Repair Course

Professinal repairing a PC with measuring instrument

A+ Certification Course

(No Golden Age waiver)

This course is the first of two courses designed to prepare you to become an A+ Certified Computer Repair Technician. Users MUST  take  both  courses  to become completely certified, and testing will be offered at the end of each semester for the CompTIA 901 and 902 Objectives. Topics will include: Hardware parts identification and installation, Troubleshooting and Maintaining PC Computers, Networking, Wireless Security, and Mobile Devices. Students will learn  how to assemble, install, configure, and troubleshoot buildingacomputeras well as Operational Procedures, Computer Terminology, Tools & Diagnostics, tips on Customer Service, and starting their own Help Desk.

Supply List: 1 Blue/Black Ink pen, 1 Notebook,

1 Highlighter, 1 Anti-Static Wrist Strap, 1 PC tool kit, 1 Fully Charged Laptop/Table (optional)

Tuition: $300.00         Registration fee: $15.00 16 sessions @ 4 hours

Payment Plan Total $315.00 At Registration: $105.00

January 30th (Monday) $105.00 February 27th (Monday) $105.00

Students will be responsible for purchasing their own book.

Textbook Title: All in One A+ Certification Exam     Guide   9th edition

Author: Mike Meyers ISBN: 978-1259589515

Course #071

Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center at Highland Springs (Hallcom) Monday/Wednesday: February 27 – April 26, 2017

4:30 pm – 8:30 pm

No Classes: April 11 & 13, 2017

Registration deadline: February 14, 2017 – Tuesday


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