My Perspective: I love teaching reading because every student reacts to different literature in their own way. They interact with the characters and setting based on their own experiences. In today’s world where screens are everywhere, it’s refreshing to see kids get sucked into a story. Some of my fondest memories of childhood involve my parents reading to me and then me reading to them. Both of those scenarios occurred through high school. Kids are never too old to be read to!



Digital Breakout  РReference Sources

Digital Breakout – Library


Grammar Review Games

  1. Free Rice
  2. Millionaire 
  3. Soft Schools
  4. Possessives Review
  5. Contractions – Beat the Clock
  6. Context Clues Jeopardy
  7. Apostrophe/Possessive
  8. Commas Galore!
  9. It’s Greek to Me! (Root words practice)
  10. Root Word Matching
  11. Comma Chameleon
  12. Magical Capitals – Capitalize letters
  13. Possessive Nouns – Under the Sea
  14. Proper Noun Capitalization – Space Smash


Reading Skills

  1. Main Idea/Supporting Details
  2. Main Idea #2
  3. Lesson on theme
  4. Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homophones
  5. Sorting Similes – Figurative Language
  6. Metaphor Sorting – Figurative Language