Here are a few dates to note.

Also, a special congratulations to Akshar for being our classroom Spelling Bee winner. Yey, Akshar! 🙂 Also, our runner up was Sriram, followed by Sam. Way to go, guys. I was really impressed by their encouragement of each other. <3

Other Dates:

  • Peer Buddy application due 12/7
  • 2 novel reading challenge due 12/19 – Students need to log their reading on Biblionasium
  • Winter Celebration 12/19 🙂

Nov. 12th – Nov. 19th


Here are a few dates to note for the week.

Also, we will be having a science test on oceans on Thursday.

If you’re in my math class, we’ll also be having a math test on Thursday.

I apologize for having two tests in one day, but I was unable to secure computers any other day. I try hard to not do this!

Finally, please send in canned goods for the Christmas Mother.

Have a great week!

Veterans Day

We had our own veteran come in and share his experience with us. Thank you, Mr. Smither, for your service to the Marine Corps!

Water Currents Lab

We talked about water density and temperature this week, while we discussed ocean currents. Students made a hypothesis and decided whether cold water or hot water would rise or float.

The red water was hot and the cold water was blue…. and the results determined….

Cold water was heavier and more dense, while hot water was lighter, thus less dense. 


Book Fair!

 Hi, below are the times/dates for the book fair next week. I hope you guys are able to swing by and grab something amazing.

Book Fair:
Friday, October 26— 4:00 pm-7:00 pm
Monday, October 29— 3:00 pm- 6:30 pm
Tuesday, October 30— 3:00 pm- 6:30 pm
Wednesday, October 31— (All school day) 7:50 am- 4:00 pm
Thursday, November 1— 3:00- 6:30 pm
Friday, November 2— (All school day) 7:50 am- 4:00 pm

*Sales are Tax-Exempt. Credit/Debit cards, cash and checks are accepted.*

Week of October 8th


I wanted to mention a few dates for the week and beyond:

Oct. 8th – No School for students (Teachers in countywide classes)

Oct. 9th – Chipotle Spirit Night (PTA)

Oct. 10th – Young Scientists! 1-2:30pm

Oct 10th – Weather Quiz (4.6 review from last year – a study guide was sent home last week)

Oct. 11th – Reading Assessment: Test on Fiction (summarizing, main idea, theme, character traits, plot, and predicting with evidence)

Oct. 12th – Donuts with Dad (7:30 – 8)

Oct 12th  – Picture Day

Oct 26th – Fall Family Movie Night (PTA)

Nov. 1st – Math and Science Ctr. Field Trip (Goldman’s class only)

We had such a fantastic time on our field trip to the James River! I have a few others photos to post, but these were so wonderful! <3

Thank you for sending your kiddo on this fantastic adventure!



Here are a few notable dates you might want/need:

Upcoming events:

Oct. 4 – Gifted Parent Information meeting  6:00-7:00  We will share the gifted identification process and answer your questions.

Oct. 9 – PTA School spirit night at Chipotle near Short Pump Town Center  4:00 – 9:00

Oct. 12 Donuts with Dad  7:30-8:00  8-8:30 Speaker in Internet Safety following in the cafeteria. Donuts with Dad.pdf 

Oct. 12 Individual Picture Day

Oct. 24 – Robotics assembly for the students during the school day – sponsored by the PTA

Oct. 26 – PTA Fall Family Movie Night

Nov. 5 PM Parent Conferences – teachers will send out a Signup Genius to register

Nov. 6 – AM Parent Conferences – teachers will send out a Signup Genius to register; no school for  students today



We were having issues with our schedule and 5th grade didn’t have a shared recess time. That was frustrating because many of the kiddos weren’t seeing their friends from last year and we know that in their last year of elementary school it’s important to maintain those relationships. The schedule isn’t perfect, but Mr. Eggleston has adjusted it to allow us to have more of a community for our grade level and it allows them to spend time together.

I’ll embed a PDF of this, as I know it’s hard to see/small.

Thanks for your understanding.

Goldman 5A


James River Trip


Here’s the info you need for Tuesday’s trip. Let me know if you have any questions.