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Classroom Amazon Wishlist

I’ve been asked by friends and parents how they can help out in the classroom. I’m constantly in search of the perfect novel or newer paperbacks. Occasionally, I find a good deal and want 5 or 6 for a small group, so we can all read the novel together. Sometimes, I need help with supplies or decorative/organizational things to help make the classroom run more smoothly.

Finally, I’ve partnered with a teacher in Connecticut who works in a Title 1 school and she is looking for novels for her classroom too. She teaches 5th and 6th, but many students are reading below grade level. Throughout the year, I’m going to mail her new books to put in her classroom as I get them or order through Scholastic (see below). If you’d like to help out, I’d love the assistance. If you find books you’d like to donate that aren’t on the list, I’ll gladly send those too. Anything helps and I’m positive those kiddos will appreciate a new story and knowing that people from 5 or 6 states away are supporting them. I’ll update this with photos as the project gets underway. <3


Scholastic Book Club

I do a monthly book club order for anyone who is interested.  Go to and the classroom code is HQB7L. I usually order them on a Friday and books arrive by the following Friday.