Week of October 8th


I wanted to mention a few dates for the week and beyond:

Oct. 8th – No School for students (Teachers in countywide classes)

Oct. 9th – Chipotle Spirit Night (PTA)

Oct. 10th – Young Scientists! 1-2:30pm

Oct 10th – Weather Quiz (4.6 review from last year – a study guide was sent home last week)

Oct. 11th – Reading Assessment: Test on Fiction (summarizing, main idea, theme, character traits, plot, and predicting with evidence)

Oct. 12th – Donuts with Dad (7:30 – 8)

Oct 12th  – Picture Day

Oct 26th – Fall Family Movie Night (PTA)

Nov. 1st – Math and Science Ctr. Field Trip (Goldman’s class only)

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