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Hi all!
Happy Friday! In honor of one of our students, Tariq Masood in Mrs. Stephens KG class, the PTA is sponsoring a fundraiser for St. Baldricks Foundation to raise money for childhood cancer research in Tariq’s name. See the link below for more information.


We will be posting on Facebook and sending out a ConnectED asking kids to bring in a dollar to support this cause. On Monday, I will bring each of you little sponsorship forms that kids will be able to write their name if they donate and an envelope for you to put the money in.  If possible, hold on to the envelops and I can come collect them at the end of the week or if preferred, Tariq’s brother or mother can collect daily. I hope to make this as easy as possible for you so please let me know if there’s anything you need. Thank you all for helping to support this cause that is so near and dear to one of our families.


Have a wonderful weekend!




Dr. Seuss

In honor of Dr. Seuss week, students are encouraged to wear the following:

Dr. Seuss Week – student copy

Virginia 529 Essay Contest

Thanks to Mrs. Roberts for letting me know about this essay contest. It’s due March 1st, for any 5th grader interested. See the link below for all the details.


Fifth grader, you are tomorrow’s leader. The education you’re receiving now and in the future is an investment in yourself and gives you tools to make better decisions, solve problems and improve your life and others. Once you’ve graduated from high school, you can gain additional skills or training through higher education.

How will you better your community by attending a college, university or training program?

Your answer could win you one of FIVE college savings accounts from Virginia529 to help fund your future education. You will join the other winners in being recognized on stage at Richmond Raceway. Your winning essay also comes with an award and Papa John’s pizza for your school’s 5th grade graduation ceremony.

After School Enrichment

2019 Winter After School Enrichment Classes

Classes will begin the week of February 11 and will run through the week of March 18. 

If you have a PTA Membership, you will have first “choice” on ASE Classes!! 

ASE registration for PTA Membership begins January 22nd – 24th. 

Regular ASE registration begins Friday, January 25. 

Registration deadline is Monday, February 4, 2019. 

Please see link below for more information on classes and to register online. 



Jan 7th – 11th Dates



We have a lot going on in the next few weeks. Below are several dates you’ll want to keep handy. Middle school course registration is coming up and we will be asking to meet with EVERY parent either in the early afternoon or the evening on Jan 22nd. It is very important that we see you all, so we can be sure to place your child in the proper classes. I will give you my recommendations and show you the county guidelines, but I also want to be sure parents are heard and involved in the process as you know what is best for your child. Information about all of this will be coming home. I’ll send emails from Mrs. Reece, as I get it.



  • Reading Test (Fiction and non fiction text features) – 1/9 (Wednesday)
  • Word Study – 1/9 – groups will be pulled after their reading test is completed.
  • Math test (Computation of fractions) on 1/14 (Monday)

Happy New Year!



I just wanted to remind you that your child has access to many websites to help with his/her learning. As we continue into the new year and we resolve to improve, perhaps some of these might help push us in the right direction.

  • My Blog – This has review games across all content areas.
Name Subject Website
Study Island Math Use Clever to log in
Biblionasium Reading Use Clever (Keeps track of books you’ve read, want to read, or lets you recommend books to others.)
Free Rice Vocabulary http://freerice.com/#/english-vocabulary/
Free Rice All subjects http://freerice.com/category
Newsela Reading Comprehension Use Clever (Students can read about current events or other nonfiction topics.)
Discovery Education Science Use Clever to log in (Science videos, games, interactive topics, and so much more. Students can make pin boards on their favorite science concepts to help them learn.)
Reflex Math Math Use Clever – Students who are struggling with their basic multiplication/division facts. Not everyone has access to this, so if you’d like your child to have this option, let me know.
RAZ Kids Reading Comprehension https://www.raz-kids.com/ – For students who are reading below grade level and want access to online books/quizzes. If you’d like your child to have this, please let me know.


I’m looking to update this list and add new things very soon!  I’ll keep you posted and let me know if you have questions or suggestions.




Mrs. Goldman

Which Novel?!?!





Here are a few dates to note.

Also, a special congratulations to Akshar for being our classroom Spelling Bee winner. Yey, Akshar! 🙂 Also, our runner up was Sriram, followed by Sam. Way to go, guys. I was really impressed by their encouragement of each other. <3

Other Dates:

  • Peer Buddy application due 12/7
  • 2 novel reading challenge due 12/19 – Students need to log their reading on Biblionasium
  • Winter Celebration 12/19 🙂

Nov. 12th – Nov. 19th


Here are a few dates to note for the week.

Also, we will be having a science test on oceans on Thursday.

If you’re in my math class, we’ll also be having a math test on Thursday.

I apologize for having two tests in one day, but I was unable to secure computers any other day. I try hard to not do this!

Finally, please send in canned goods for the Christmas Mother.

Have a great week!