Week of 10/22-10/26

This week we tried doing math centers in the class. It was a HUGE hit! The students did an amazing job and loved them! Talk to your child about what they did in math centers and what their favorite part was.

Next Week:

Reading: continue fiction and non-fiction (quiz on Friday)

Math: equality in addition and subtraction equations (quiz Friday)

Social Studies: finish geography (students will complete an HCPS alternative assessment)


This week we welcomed a student teacher into our classroom! Mrs. Hubley will be with us for the next 8 weeks, until December 7. The students were very welcoming and caring to give a warm welcome to her.

Next Week:

Reading: text features and fiction vs. nonfiction

Math: Word problems (single and multi-step), TEST FRIDAY

Social Studies: continue geography

Week of 10/8-10/12

Well that was a crazy week! With the start of the week being a student holiday and the end of the week being cancelled due to Hurricane Michael coming through! Even though it was a 3 day week we still did plenty of learning and practicing. We played a fun review game on Kahoot! for science and in math we finished a LARGE unit of place value and number sense. Be sure to note the change of the unit test on Monday now.

Next week:

Reading: context clues and Non-Fiction text features

Math: Unit test MONDAY (place value, rounding, comparing/ordering numbers) then addition and subtraction 9,999 or less

Social Studies: Geography and Map features

Week of 10/1-10/5

This week we had our first Young Scientists lesson. It was all about simple machines. The students had hands on experience with all of the simple machines and then they got to have their own compound machine to take home.


Next week:

Reading: Ask and Answer questions and Context Clues

Math: Rounding (quiz Tuesday), comparing numbers, Place Value Unit test Friday

Science: Animal adaptations (test Wednesday)

Week of 9/24-9/28

We had so many students give amazing speeches to run for SCA. I see the potential for some future leaders here. I wish we could’ve chosen all 6 of them!  A HUGE congratulations to Kylie, our class winner!

Next week:

Reading: making connections and asking/answering questions in text

Math: place value (quiz Tuesday), and rounding

Science: continue animal adaptations

Week of 9/17-9/21

This week we are well into the full swing of things! We finished our first math unit, graphing, and are very well practiced in our Daily 5 reading rotations!

Take a look at the links off to the right side on how to access Clever at home. This is where students can find websites we use at school. We will be learning more of these fun websites as the year goes on. (*Note: Unfortunately, Epic! does not work all the time)

Next week:

Reading: making connections

Math: place value (up to hundred thousands)

Social Studies: finish rules/laws/government, TEST Tuesday

Science: (begins Wed.) Animal adaptations

Week of 9/10-9/14

Even though we had an unexpected short week we got in a full week of learning! We learned about all of our Daily 5 center expectations, interpreting bar graphs, and the difference between rules and laws. We also had a fun time meeting and getting to know our book buddies in Mrs. Buchanan’s first grade class!

Next week:

Reading: implement the Daily 5 centers

Math: pictographs and graphing unit test on THURSDAY

Social Studies: continue rules/laws, government, and citizenship

Week of 9/4-9/7

Wow… what a GREAT week! I have the best cubs in room 210! I have enjoyed getting to know each of the students in my class. The bag projects were a HUGE success! Thank you all for your support and help with that.

Next week will be jumping into learning in our content areas. In Reading we are going to start reviewing/learning about our Daily 5 centers. In Math, we are going to be learning about graphing and different types of graphs. For Social Studies we are going to be continuing to learn about rules and we are going to be adding in rules and laws in the community. Please be sure to check your child’s agenda every day, as there are important notes and homework in there.

Thank you for your support in making this a GREAT first week! I am looking forward to this year!!