Week of 3/18-3/22

We had an excellent week of learning! Th students learn about the box method to multiply 2 digit x 1 digit numbers. Many of them were even able to stump their parents with this “new technique”.

We also had a blast on Wednesday with International Day!! The students looked AMAZING dressed up in their costumes and we had so much fun with the Olympics, arts and crafts, and food tastings. Take a look!


Next Week:

reading: ask and answer questions about what is read

math: probability

science: finish simple machines, present their in class projects

Week of 3/11-3/15

This week the students tried something new in reading, they had contracts they had to complete! Talk to your child about these contracts and their feelings on them. Also, talk to them about their plans to do even better with it next week! We also wrapped up fractions in math. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day early but making shamrock fractions. The students shamROCKED making these! Take a look at their amazing work!

Next week:

reading: autobiographies and biographies

math: multiplication (2 by 1 digit)

science: continuing simple machines

Week of 3/4-3/8

This week we finished our Natural Cycles unit. We had a little fun to help us learn, the students were given 2 Oreos and had to make the four phases of the moon we had learned about. Look at their creativity!

Next Week:

Reading- Summarizing fiction (cold read Friday)

Math- fractions (unit test Thursday)

Science- simple machines

Week of 2/25-3/1

This week learned/review about author’s purpose. The students made a poster using something they were interested in to persuade, inform, or entertain their classmates. Many students chose to persuade others, and were very convincing! I was very please with how well the students did on this project.

Next week:

Reading- summarizing nonfiction

Math- continuing fractions (quiz Tuesday on all we have learned so far)

Science- finishing our natural cycles unit (test on Friday)

Week of 2/18-2/22

Mrs Schaeffer is BACK!!!! And what a warm welcome back it has been! The students have been so loving and excited all week, though I think I was more excited to see them. Thank you to all of the kind words and welcomes from the parents I saw at Multicultural Night as well! Speaking of… Multicultural Night was a a hit! The students wrote about traditions they celebrated with their families. I loved reading these and they loved reading each others as well. Great job students!!

Next week:

Reading- authors purpose (comprehension check Friday)

Math- fractions

Science- natural cycles (vocabulary quiz Friday)

February 11th – 15th

Today is my last day with you all.  We had a great 2 months, but we are all very excited for Mrs. Schaeffer to return.  We had a great trip to see the play The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.  Many of the kids are ready to check out the books by Mark Twain.  In Math we continue to work on money and getting change back when buying something.  We are also finishing up our lesson on Ancient Mali.  Ask the kids how they traded in Mali.  They know some fun facts about the country.

What a great group of kids!  I will miss them all.

Mrs Jernigan


February 4th – 9th

What a great week of weather we had this week.  The children enjoyed getting out on the playground all week during recess.  We ended our week we a fun lesson from Young Scientists.  Ask your students what they learned and have them show you what they brought home.  We wrapped up the lessons on Greece and Rome and next week we will start a fun lesson on Mali.  In Math we are working on how much change you may get back when buying an item.  I told he kids this is something they could work on at home a lot.  It’s great practice.

Multicultural Museum night will be held on the evening of February 21st.  We will begin our writing next week about something that is significant to your child.

We will celebrate Valentine’s Day on Thursday and we have a field trip on Friday.

Hope you all have a good weekend.


January 29th – February 1st

With no school on Monday and a late start on Thursday our week flew by. We learned a lot about the Ancient Romans, and the contributions they gave to us.  Ask your children about the egg experiment we did with our Science book, and why it was important with the architecture in Rome. In Math we did some review problems on things they have studied during the first half of the year.  I am excited to start a money lesson with them next week.  They will be figuring out if they have enough money to buy items.  This will be great practice at home too.

We have a few students who are finishing up their Fairy Tales.  They are excited to start reading each other tales.

SOL notebooks are in their backpacks for review.

Please check the upcoming events.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Mrs. Jernigan

January 22nd – 25th

We wrapped up the 2nd nine weeks of school with many activities.  The children worked on telling time to the minute and elapsed time.  They all did very well with the activities that we did with this unit.  We finished studying Greece by talking about the Olympics then and now.  We had some great discussions.

I hope they all showed you the SOL binder that we created to help with review questions.  It is a great tool to use to see what types of questions the children will be expected to know.

This week will be doing some review and working on their multiplication facts.  We will also start learning about Rome.  I look forward to see how the kids can make comparisons between Greece and Rome.

Please see the information below for after school enrichment activities.

2019 Winter After School Enrichment Classes

Classes will begin the week of February 11 and will run through the week of March 18. If you have a PTA Membership, you will have first “choice” on ASE Classes!! ASE registration for PTA Membership begins January 22nd – 24th. Regular ASE registration begins Friday, January 25. Registration deadline is Monday, February 4, 2019. 

Please see link below for more information on classes and to register online. 





January 14 -18

It’s been a fun, but busy week with the kids.  After missing Monday for a snow day, the kids have been working hard.  We started learning about Ancient Greece.  Ask them about the architecture from Greece that we still use today.  They are enjoying this lesson.  In Math we practiced telling time to the minute and talked about elapsed time.  During Reading this week, they read a Scholastic News about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his only grandchild, Yolanda King.  Hope you all enjoy your Monday off and can celebrate the accomplishments of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Next week we will learn a little more about Greece and Time.  At the end of the week we will start a lesson on money.  The kids will learn how much money they need to buy something.

Please look at the upcoming important dates.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your precious children.