January 7 – 11

We had a great FULL week together.  We learned a lot about food chains, consumers, producers, and decomposers.  The students will have a test on Tuesday, January 15th on this lesson.  In the event of a snow day on Tuesday the students will have the test on the first day they return.  We learned a lot about temperature, and they were able to decide activities that they may or may not do based on the temperature outside.  I am really enjoying seeing all the creative writing the students are doing with their fairy tales.  Be sure to ask them how their writing is going.  They are really having fun writing these stories.

Next week we will begin a lesson on time, and we will start learning about Mali, Greece and Rome.

Please remember to bring in a 1 inch binder sometime next week.  The student will be using these to create an SOL binder.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend.

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