January 3rd and 4th

Welcome back students!  It sounds like everyone had a very nice two week break.  Next week will be my first full week with the students since I started, but they have been working very hard with the short weeks we have had together.  The students are continuing their lesson on measuring, and this week they started learning about measuring with thermometers.  We also learned a lot about prefixes and suffixes and how adding them to a base word can change the meaning of the word.  In Science we talked about how humans can affect the environment.  Ask them what has been found in the James River.  They were astonished at the items that have been found there.  Lastly, we started writing fairy tales.  The kids are very excited to be writing their own tales.  They have been planning what to write, so you can ask them the ideas they may have for their tale.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Mrs. Jernigan

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