December 10th – 14th

The kids had a very short week at school after enjoying three snow days.  They worked very hard when they returned to school.  We continued our lesson on Fairy Tales and read The Paper Bag Princess and Hansel and Gretel.  Ask your children about the lessons they learned in these stories.  In addition, ask them about fairy tale story elements.  After finishing up our lesson on China, we started to learn about Egypt.  The kids are gaining so much knowledge about these two countries and the contributions they made which we still use today.   In Math our measurement lesson continues, and we are now concentrating on liquid measurements (capacity).

Next week we will continue the fun.  We will finish up our lessons on measurements and Egypt.  Please check your kid’s agenda regarding the upcoming quizzes and the test. These are also listed in the upcoming test/quizzes.  The kids are all looking forward to making their gingerbread houses along with other fun activities.

Deanna Jernigan

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