December 10th – 14th

The kids had a very short week at school after enjoying three snow days.  They worked very hard when they returned to school.  We continued our lesson on Fairy Tales and read The Paper Bag Princess and Hansel and Gretel.  Ask your children about the lessons they learned in these stories.  In addition, ask them about fairy tale story elements.  After finishing up our lesson on China, we started to learn about Egypt.  The kids are gaining so much knowledge about these two countries and the contributions they made which we still use today.   In Math our measurement lesson continues, and we are now concentrating on liquid measurements (capacity).

Next week we will continue the fun.  We will finish up our lessons on measurements and Egypt.  Please check your kid’s agenda regarding the upcoming quizzes and the test. These are also listed in the upcoming test/quizzes.  The kids are all looking forward to making their gingerbread houses along with other fun activities.

Deanna Jernigan

Week of Dec. 3rd – Dec. 7th

We had a great week.  We continued with Fairy Tales, and began a new unit studying China.  Also, we studied area and perimeter and had a fun lesson using Cheese-Its crackers.  Be sure to ask your student about this lesson.  We said best wishes to Mrs. Schaeffer when she left on Wednesday to welcome a new member to the family.  We said hello to Mrs. Jernigan since she started with the class on Thursday.  Additionally, we wished Mrs. Hubley good luck as she ends her time as a student teacher in our classroom.

Mrs. Jernigan and Mrs Hubley (and Mrs. Schaeffer)

Next week:

Continue with Fairy Tales

Start a lesson on measurement/capacity

Begin learning about Egypt



Week of 11/26-11/30

This week we started our fairy tale unit and our math measurement unit. The students have loved hearing and talking about various fairy tales. They also had fun measuring themselves in a measurement about me activity. We ended the week by FINALLY having our Tredegar Iron Works field trip!


Next week:

Reading: continue fairy tales

Math: area and perimeter

Social Studies: ancient China

Week of 11/19 and 11/20

It has been a short week but the students have worked extremely hard in their lessons! While we completed our studies on ecosystems this week, we will continue next week by having the students do an in-class research project on an ecosystem of their choice! We will start our Fairy Tale unit next week. The students completed their division and multiplication strategies unit this week. They created beautiful turkeys that had a different strategy on each feather (check them out below). The students shined in their persuasive writing. Some students presented their writing to the class. It was fun to listen to their creative ideas on why we should NOT eat turkey for Thanksgiving.  All students had a great time at the Turkey Trot. Some ran around the course multiple times!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Mrs. Schaeffer and Mrs. Hubley


Week of 11/12-11/16

It was another fun week this week. We continued working on ecosystems in Science. As it was raining the other day, one student made an observation that our field resembled a marshland! Great observation! We wrapped up our story elements unit this week. The students were very excited to start a new unit in math this week multiplication and division strategies! YAY! They have been working hard. They practiced making arrays using play-doh.

The Veteran’s Day assembly was amazing. The students took it very seriously and it was a hit! The veterans in the audience commented on the great performance and how appreciative they were of the students hard work and dedication.

Next week, for the 2 days, we are going to continue/extend on what we did this week-just adding a little TURKEY spin on it…stay tuned!

Week 11/5-11/9

We had a lot of fun in 3rd grade this week! We began our unit on Ecosystems. In math we worked on patterns, ask your student about using Ozobots with patterns. The students were very impressive with their knowledge in story elements as we did a mini-socratic seminar with the students. They showed a great understanding of comparing and contrasting the characters of our 2 stories.

The students were also awarded on Thursday with an ice cream treat by the admin staff for using good manners in the cafeteria. Encourage your student to keep up the good work!

Finally, the students ended the week with a surprise thanks to all who have been ordering from Scholastic. Because of your orders, the students each received a FREE book! They were so excited.

Next Week:

Reading: Continue Story Elements

Math: Representing Multiplication (strategies)

Science: Continue with Ecosystems


Week of 10/29-11/2

This was a busy, but FUN week! We started the week by going to the MSIC for a lesson on animal adaptations. The students were really able to get a “hand-on” their learning. On Tuesday, we had an in class MSIC lesson that was well… spooky to say the least! On Wednesday, we had more fun digging into pumpkins and being mathematicians. WOW, what a great week!





Next Week:

Reading: story elements

Math: patterns

Science: Habitats

Week of 10/22-10/26

This week we tried doing math centers in the class. It was a HUGE hit! The students did an amazing job and loved them! Talk to your child about what they did in math centers and what their favorite part was.

Next Week:

Reading: continue fiction and non-fiction (quiz on Friday)

Math: equality in addition and subtraction equations (quiz Friday)

Social Studies: finish geography (students will complete an HCPS alternative assessment)


This week we welcomed a student teacher into our classroom! Mrs. Hubley will be with us for the next 8 weeks, until December 7. The students were very welcoming and caring to give a warm welcome to her.

Next Week:

Reading: text features and fiction vs. nonfiction

Math: Word problems (single and multi-step), TEST FRIDAY

Social Studies: continue geography

Week of 10/8-10/12

Well that was a crazy week! With the start of the week being a student holiday and the end of the week being cancelled due to Hurricane Michael coming through! Even though it was a 3 day week we still did plenty of learning and practicing. We played a fun review game on Kahoot! for science and in math we finished a LARGE unit of place value and number sense. Be sure to note the change of the unit test on Monday now.

Next week:

Reading: context clues and Non-Fiction text features

Math: Unit test MONDAY (place value, rounding, comparing/ordering numbers) then addition and subtraction 9,999 or less

Social Studies: Geography and Map features