Week of 4/9-4/13

The students came back like they didn’t miss a beat from Spring Break. Huge shout out to Ryan, Jenny, and Harshith for reading WAY more than me in our reading challenge!!

HELP!!! We are running low on many needed supplies! We NEED glue sticks and Expo markers! Many of the students are missing crayons or using small broken crayons too. Please ask your child if they need new crayons. If you can contribute glue or Expo markers that would be GREATLY appreciated!

Next week:

Reading: autobiographies vs. biographies (MAPS test WEDNESDAY)

Math: finish 2D/3D shapes (quiz Tuesday), congruent/non congruent, and SOL 3.15- draw/represent lines, segments, angles, rays, and points.

Science: HCPS Simple machines alternative assessment (project grade)

Week of 3/26-3/30

This week we finished our Wonder book study! We celebrated by watching the movie and comparing it to what we read. The class blew this assignment OUT OF THE WATER! They found some amazing similarities and differences. This was a really fun activity!

I wonder if we could think of a book to read next that was turned into a movie… hmmm, have your child brainstorm over Spring Break and let me know their thoughts when we get back.

Next week:

NOTHING… It’s Spring Break! (haha)

Week of 4/9-4/13:

Reading: Summarizing

Math: 2D and 3D shapes

Science: finish our Simple Machines unit (test Friday)

Week of 3/19-3/23

This week was a shortened week due to snow! HOPEFULLY Spring weather will be coming soon to stay! Even though the weather may have been crazy, there was no break in learning or the hard-working attitude of the students in 210!

We have ONE MORE WEEK before Spring Break! 

Next week:

Reading: more author’s purpose, Comprehension check (quiz grade) on Friday

Math: Probability (test on Thursday)

Science: Simple Machines


We had a very busy week across all content areas! Not only in our classroom are they working hard, in music class they have been working with Mrs. N on composing a class song and I know that many students have showed interest and excitement about this! I cannot wait to hear what they make!

Next week:

Reading: more reference materials, and author’s purpose

Math: Multiplication review, and start our probability unit Wednesday

Social Studies: Economics (quiz on Thursday)

Friday we have YOUNG SCIENTISTS!!

Week of 3/5-3/9

This week we had some hands on fun, we got to eat the moon! Well… not really but it was as close as I could get. I loved seeing how creative the students were on this “challenge”. Take a look for yourself…

Next week:

Reading: References Materials (dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, internet, and atlas)

Math: finishing our fractions unit, test Thursday

Science: Review for Natural Cycles test Tuesday

Social Studies: (starting Wednesday) Economics

Week of 2/26-3/2

This week we celebrated Dr. Seuss and we learned about fractions. I found this really cute picture that ties the two together. If your child knows what it “says”, have them come tell me QUIETLY on Monday morning, I will have a special prize for them!

Next week:

Reading: Finishing inferences, we will also review the past benchmark test

Math: Fractions-comparing, modeling, naming–quiz Tuesday. Mixed numbers and improper fractions the rest of the week

Science: Continue Natural cycles (water cycle, earth rotations/revolutions, and moon phases)

Week of 2/19-2/23

This week we finished and presented our famous Americans projects. They looked A-MA-ZING, see for yourself!

Next week:

(Dr. Seuss Week, please check your child’s agenda for spirit days!)

Reading: Making inferences/drawing conclusions

Math: naming and modeling fractions

Science: Natural cycles of the Earth (animal//plant life cycles, and water cycle)


Week of 2/12-2/16

This week the students began their Famous Americans project that they will presenting at the Social Studies Showcase on Wednesday, 2/21. I am BEYOND impressed with their dedication and focus on this project. They are so interested in the research and many have even begun planning their presentations! As always, I am so proud to call this group of hard-workers MY class!

Next week:

Reading: Affixes- quiz on Thursday **CHANGE**


Social Studies: Continue working on the Famous Americans projects, presentations will be in class Wednesday and Thursday for classmates, parents and families can come the evening of 2/21 to see what they have created.

Week of 2/5-2/9

This week the students have been extremely invested and interested in learning about famous Americans, specifically those civil rights leaders. I was very impressed by their questions and able to truly understand why we are studying these individuals.

Next Week:

Reading: Reading Benchmark on Monday and Tuesday, Affixes (prefixes and suffixes)

Math: Making change from $5 or less, money unit test on Thursday

Social Studies: Famous Americans QUIZ Tuesday. We will also begin working on our IN CLASS projects that will be presented at the Social Studies Showcase (more information will come home on Tuesday).