Week of 12/9-12/13

This week was a QUICK week! We continued our fairy tale unit and read many different versions of Cinderella. The students also started brainstorming and planning ideas to write their own fairy tale. I am excited to see what they are going to write.

Next week:

reading- continue fairy tales

math- measurement test Tuesday, temperature and thermometers Wednesday-Friday

science- scientific investigation through STEM experiments

Week of 12/2-12/6

This week we began our fairy tales unit. We discussed many elements/traits that we read and see in fairy tales. Do you have any fairy tale books at home? Talk to your child about this.  We also started and finished the area and perimeter unit. We made some edible polygons and then we made some polygon presents that we shared with our classmates. Look at the pictures to see more about this. We ended the week with a Young Scientists lesson all about ecosystems and adaptations. Ask your child what they learned/reviewed.

Next week:

reading: continue fairy tales

math: measurement- capacity

science: animal and plant life cycles

Week of 11/25 & 11/26

This week we had a lot of fun solving a turkey mystery and measuring ourselves! We had to become a detective and use our comprehension skills to figure out who stole all the turkeys from Old MacDonald’s farm. Ask your child if they were able to solve the case! We also practiced measuring different parts of our bodies; from our fingers to our feet. See the pictures of the students working with others in our class photos tab.

Next Week:

reading- we begin our fairy tale unit (fiction questioning and comprehension)

math- area and perimeter

science- human influences on the environment


Week of 11/18-11/22

This week we tried something new by working with Nearpod. It was new for most of the kids and definitely new for me. We had so much fun! It was great to be able to follow along with the lesson on their computers and even add their own ideas along the way. We look forward to using this tool again really soon!

Next week:

reading- questioning in fiction

math- finish length, quiz Tuesday

social studies- compare/contrast Egypt and China, test Tuesday

Week of 11/11-11/15

This week started with a BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING performance for Veteran’s Day. I am so incredibly proud of the class, and all of the third graders, on how well they did! We got so many compliments and congratulations on an amazing performance.

Next Week:

reading- questioning

math- measurement

social studies- ancient Egypt


Weekend challenge: practice, practice, practice your multiplication and division strategies!!!

Week of 11/4-11/8

Though we had a 4 day week we had a full week of learning! The students especially enjoyed the hands on practice we did with representing multiplication. This involved drawing, games, and even COOKIES! We will continue to practice representing multiplication and division next week.

Next week:

Veteran’s Day performance on MONDAY!

reading: asking and answering questions

math: continue multiplication and division

social studies: continue with ancient China

Week of 10/25-11/1

This was a GREAT week!! We had pumpkin math and a great field trip to end off the week. Though all of that was great, I will have to say that the HIGHLIGHT had to be that our class was congratulated on being the ONLY CLASS AT CTES to reach 100% participation in the PTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were congratulated with some delicious cookies. Thank you to all of the parents for making this happen!

Next week:

reading- theme

math- multiplication representation strategies

social studies- finish geography (test Monday), begin Ancient China


Weekend Challenge: Talk to your parents about your field trip. On an index card or scratch paper, write down your top 3 favorite things.

Week of 10/21-10/25

Has your child talked to you about Workshop Wednesdays? On Wednesdays we do activities that are specifically based around Henrico’s 6 C’s (collaborating, creative thinking, critical thinking, communicating, quality character and global citizen). These are a part of MANY of our lessons other days but we specifically focus on them during Workshop Wednesdays. This week we were creative thinkers and collaborators while we were building our own growing patterns (see pictures in the class pictures page). We were also being global citizens as we were learning about American symbols and their importance while doing research with Mrs. LeClair.

Next Week:

reading: story elements

math: patterns and equality/inequality

social studies: geography


Weekend challenge: Join the PTA!!!

Week of 10/15-10/18

This week we had our first Mystery Reader, thank you to Ms. Li! The kids love seeing their family members come to school and we love hearing all of the stories you choose. Want to be a Mystery Reader? See the class sign up!

Next Week:

reading- making predictions

math- patterns

science- finish animals unit (TEST Wednesday)

social studies- starting Thursday- geography


Weekend Challenge: Help create Kahoot! questions to add to the review game

Week of 10/7-10/11

We finished another math unit this week and had the unit test on Wednesday. To help review for this test we tried math rotations for the first time. The kids LOVED it! We will be doing more in the future.

next week:

reading: story elements

math: computation and estimation (adding and subtracting)

science: ecosystems

Weekend Challenge: Find 3 animals (one for each) that are carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores that we DID NOT talk about in class. Write these on a scratch piece of paper, note card, or post-it note and give it to me on Tuesday.