Superbowl Sunday, Who Do YOU Have?!?!?

Superbowl Sunday is upon us Tiger Community!!!!  This game is one of the most anticipated championship games in ALL of sports with the exception of the Stanley Cup (which is by far the best).  To pick a winner this year is rather difficult for me and here is why…

The Patriots have created a franchise in which winning is not only a must, but an expectation year in and year out.  To see Tom Brady and the Pats win another Superbowl would be one of the most incredible accomplishments in NFL history.  One of the messages I often send to my students is that winning is not everything; however, if you tell that to a Patriots fan, you might not get the same answer.  The Patriots seem like the safe bet in this game even if you are tired of seeing them win as consistently as they do.  With a another Superbowl win, the Patriots would not only make history, but they might be the last franchise for a LOOOONG time to see such success.

Now on to the Los Angeles Rams.  Talking with a few of my students this past week, it seems as if the Rams winning would make a lot of people very happy (except anyone from the Northeast that is).  Personally I would LOVE to see the Rams win just so we can have something different to talk about in the coming weeks.  As a Cowboys fan it would be great to have the team that knocked us out of the playoffs in the whole thing.  Having the Rams win would at least give me some closure that my team’s shortcoming happened due to the eventual Superbowl champs.

Now that I have given some insight into both teams (although I could have said wayyyy more had I included stats and player evaluations), here are my picks:

Realistic Pick: New England Patriots……it’s hard to bet against them.

Personal Pick: LA Rams (fingers crossed)

Score– Patriots 38  Rams 35

All in all I am hoping for a great game and even better commercials.  Comment with your picks and opinions.

Speed Stacks

This week in PE grades K-5 worked on their hand-eye coordination and reaction time by completing a series of cup stacking challenges.  We practiced the 3, 6, 3-3-3, and the 3-6-3 formations, as well as, viewed some videos of some of the best speed stackers in the world!  Not only did our brains get a get workout from processing our movements so quickly, but we also found ways to incorporate exercises as we stacked.  In the picture below students worked on their muscular strength by planking and stacking simultaneously.  Some students showed off their flexibility as they performed back bends while they stacked!!!!  It was amazing to see how creative the students were in finding ways to enhance their stacking skills.

Winter FUN!!!!

Beginning next week (and the two days following Winter Break), students in Grades 3-5 will be participating in Winter Fun Stations during their PE time.  Each station is specifically designed to enhance skills we have been working on all year.  Students will show off their rolling and ball control skills, cardiorespiratory endurance, body awareness skills, balance, teamwork skills, and their muscular strength/endurance.  Here is a snapshot of a class who got a sneak peak into next week’s wintry fun:

Station 1: Giant Snowball Race

Station 2: Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Relay

Station 3: Ice Skating

Station 4: Skeleton Race

Stay tuned for next Wednesday’s bonus post, where you will see how other classes performed during each station, as well as, the fun and exciting lessons our K-2 students will be partaking in.

Aquatics Preparation

This past week (and continuing into this coming week) the 5th grade students began preparing for their Aquatics Field Trip at the North Side YMCA.  Several water and boat safety topics were covered to ensure that our students had adequate background knowledge before their trip.  One of the games we played was called “Island Rescue”, which covered the topic of “Reach or Throw, Don’t Go!”.  This activity required the students to use their teamwork skills and critical thinking skills in order to safely move their teammates from one side of the gym to the other without touching the water (aka floor).  As mentioned students were not allowed to go into the water, which forced them to use limited materials to save their teammates.  These skills not only helped them succeed with the lesson, but gave them confidence and tools to use in their everyday lives.  As our field trip approaches our students will have the skills to continue their success with their water safety lessons.

PE Clothing Reminder

As we head into to our first holiday break I just wanted to take some time to remind everyone about appropriate PE attire.  When your child attends PE it is imperative that they wear proper shoes.  In order to reach our fitness goals, we must first master the concept of safety and preparedness.  Wearing shoes such as sandals, boots, high heels, Crocs, Uggs, etc. can limit a persons ability to achieve optimal performance, as well as, cause serious injury.  Please make sure that your student wears tennis shoes so that they can participate in ALL physical activities.  The first time a student wears shoes other than tennis shoes, a verbal reminder will be given.  The second time, the student will have to sit out and I will send home a reminder slip with your PE day/time on it.  The third time will result in the student sitting out of PE, as well as, an “N” on their report card.  My goal is not to give out N’s, but to give our students every opportunity to better themselves physically, mentally, and socially.

Lastly, now that we are entering the colder months it is also important to wear warmer clothing.  Although shorts are ideal for exercise, sweatpants and jeans are acceptable during this cold weather.  Students may bring shorts and shoes to change into, especially on days where it is raining or snowing.  If you have any questions or concerns about our PE attire, please do not hesitate to comment on my blog or email me at,

Have a great holiday!!!!!!!

Basketball Mania

This week in PE we focused a lot on dribbling, passing, and shooting basketballs.  Students participated in several games that focused on each skills, while incorporating some offensive and defensive skills as well.  Our K-2 classes had a blast practicing dribbling as they used beach balls and hula hoops in a game we call “Island Dribbling”.  Our 3-5 classes enhanced their dribbling skills through games such as, “Basketball Pirates”, “Hula Knockout”, and “Catch-5”.  We will continue with basketball skills for one more week before moving onto team building skills (K-4).  Our next 5th grade unit will focus on “aquatics”, which will prepare us for our upcoming field trip to the North Side YMCA.  Stay tuned for more exciting news from the Tiger Dome.

PE Success Week a HUGE Success

Bring Your Parents to PE Week was THE highlight of the week here at Trevvett Elementary.  Over 50 parents and grandparents joined their loved ones in the Tiger Dome as they participated in vigorous physical activities.  From jelly fishing with the Kindergartners, participating in an underhand toss relay with 1st-2nd, to improving our football throwing skills with 3rd-5th, the parents and students definitely broke a sweat.  I was so touched to see how involved our parents are with their children and how excited the kids were to share their knowledge with others.  Here are just a few glimpses at all the fun we had this week…

Tiger Dome Makeover

There have been some new additions to the Tiger Dome (gym) this year which include a…

  • Brand new word wall
  • Objectives poster
  • PE routine poster
  • PAW Achievement poster
  • AND the official Tiger Cave poster

Physical Education focuses primarily on health and fitness, however, this year I want to extend our learning beyond the “typical” subject matter that we usually teach.  Vocabulary will be posted regularly, as well as, objectives, diagrams, and visuals to further enhance our learning.  With education continuing to evolve, so must PE!!!!  As the year continues, be on the look out for new additions to our Tiger Dome that will surely bring some color and excitement to our wonderful gymnasium.

Stay healthy and fit this weekend 🙂

Fitness Frenzy

This week in PE we dove deep into the 5 Components of Fitness for grade K-5.  Discussions were centered around cardiorespiratory endurance (heart and lungs), muscular endurance (how long our muscles can work), muscular strength (how much your muscles can do), flexibility, and body composition.

Grades K-2 met a new friend, Froggy, as they practiced their hopping, jumping, and leaping skills.  Grades 3-5 cycled through stations and a variety of tag games that focused on each component.  Below is a picture of students working on their muscular endurance as they played Plank Tag.

Stay tuned for more exciting posts from the Tiger Dome!!!!!!!!!!!

We Rocked PE Like a Hurricane!!!!!

This week in PE K-2 continued to work on their locomotor skills (walking, running, hopping, leaping, skipping, and galloping).  Teams raced against each other as they performed each skill and let me tell you, we have some AMAZING students with INSANE skills!!!!!!

On Day 1 of PE, grades 3-5 demonstrated their strength and endurance as they participated in fitness stations.  Stations included Crab Walk Relay, Plank Taps, Crunch Toss, and the Jumping Jack Challenge.  On Day 2, students practiced cooperative learning as they played Ship Wreck and Circle Soccer (pictured below).

On a serious note, stay safe this weekend and make sure to stay inside and away from any windows.  See you all on Monday!!!!!!!