Fitness Frenzy

This week in PE we dove deep into the 5 Components of Fitness for grade K-5.  Discussions were centered around cardiorespiratory endurance (heart and lungs), muscular endurance (how long our muscles can work), muscular strength (how much your muscles can do), flexibility, and body composition.

Grades K-2 met a new friend, Froggy, as they practiced their hopping, jumping, and leaping skills.  Grades 3-5 cycled through stations and a variety of tag games that focused on each component.  Below is a picture of students working on their muscular endurance as they played Plank Tag.

Stay tuned for more exciting posts from the Tiger Dome!!!!!!!!!!!

We Rocked PE Like a Hurricane!!!!!

This week in PE K-2 continued to work on their locomotor skills (walking, running, hopping, leaping, skipping, and galloping).  Teams raced against each other as they performed each skill and let me tell you, we have some AMAZING students with INSANE skills!!!!!!

On Day 1 of PE, grades 3-5 demonstrated their strength and endurance as they participated in fitness stations.  Stations included Crab Walk Relay, Plank Taps, Crunch Toss, and the Jumping Jack Challenge.  On Day 2, students practiced cooperative learning as they played Ship Wreck and Circle Soccer (pictured below).

On a serious note, stay safe this weekend and make sure to stay inside and away from any windows.  See you all on Monday!!!!!!!

Week 1 is in the books!!!!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!  What a first week of school at Trevvett ES.  I have loved every second being the PE teacher here and cannot wait to continue working with these AMAZING students.  In PE this week we covered classroom expectations and practiced our locomotor skills in grades K-2.  We also introduced Superman Tag, which was a HUGE hit with the kids.  In grades 3-5 we worked on some team building exercises.  Students mastered building hula huts, while working on their communication and teamwork skills.  Check it out:

Good Morning Tigers!!!!!!!!

With only a week left of preparation, I am beyond excited to get this new school year underway.  Coming from Loudoun County Public Schools, I am eager to bring my experiences with me (in addition to the experiences I will have here) to make this the best possible year EVER!!!!  There will be some familiar programs for our students:

  • Running for Healthy Hearts
  • Annual Winter Basketball Game
  • Student favored PE games (Nucomb Ball, Capture the Oxygen, & Continuous Tag)

A few new programs and customs will be introduced as well, such as:

  • Monday morning Soccer Club (this fall)
  • Lunch Bunches (when possible)
  • THE Golden Shoe (more info to come)

I cannot wait to learn more about my students, staff, school, and this wonderful community.  LET’S GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!