May Movement Opportunity: Week 3 Challenges

Welcome back to another exciting week of fitness!!!!  This week we will be focusing on muscular strength and muscular endurance using your major leg muscles (quadriceps and hamstrings), as well as, a partner challenge that will make you sweat!

The first challenge is very similar to the “Builders & Bulldozers” game we have played in class.  In this 1v1 challenge, players will race to see who can have the most cups flipped (upright or upside down) in just 1 minute!!!!  How fast can you move?!?!?

Our second challenge combines locomotor skills (running, hopping, skipping, sliding, etc.) and jumping in this relay style game.  How many objects can you bring back in just one minute?!?!?

The last challenge of the week will test your perseverance for sure!  The directions are simple, how long can you hold a “Wall Sit” position for? 15 seconds?  30 seconds?  1 minute? 2 minutes?!?! LONGER?!?!?!?!?! Only one way to find out, good luck!!!!

For more detailed directions and video examples, please follow the link below.  Good luck and stay active!!!!

May: Week 3 Challenges

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