Superbowl Sunday, Who Do YOU Have?!?!?

Superbowl Sunday is upon us Tiger Community!!!!  This game is one of the most anticipated championship games in ALL of sports with the exception of the Stanley Cup (which is by far the best).  To pick a winner this year is rather difficult for me and here is why…

The Patriots have created a franchise in which winning is not only a must, but an expectation year in and year out.  To see Tom Brady and the Pats win another Superbowl would be one of the most incredible accomplishments in NFL history.  One of the messages I often send to my students is that winning is not everything; however, if you tell that to a Patriots fan, you might not get the same answer.  The Patriots seem like the safe bet in this game even if you are tired of seeing them win as consistently as they do.  With a another Superbowl win, the Patriots would not only make history, but they might be the last franchise for a LOOOONG time to see such success.

Now on to the Los Angeles Rams.  Talking with a few of my students this past week, it seems as if the Rams winning would make a lot of people very happy (except anyone from the Northeast that is).  Personally I would LOVE to see the Rams win just so we can have something different to talk about in the coming weeks.  As a Cowboys fan it would be great to have the team that knocked us out of the playoffs in the whole thing.  Having the Rams win would at least give me some closure that my team’s shortcoming happened due to the eventual Superbowl champs.

Now that I have given some insight into both teams (although I could have said wayyyy more had I included stats and player evaluations), here are my picks:

Realistic Pick: New England Patriots……it’s hard to bet against them.

Personal Pick: LA Rams (fingers crossed)

Score– Patriots 38  Rams 35

All in all I am hoping for a great game and even better commercials.  Comment with your picks and opinions.

One thought on “Superbowl Sunday, Who Do YOU Have?!?!?

  1. Post game analysis:
    The Patriots only really put together 2 convincing offensive drives, both in the 4 the quarter and both in their usual end of game dominating style. Ultimately that was enough to win the game. The Rams were an offensive mess in the first half, maybe suffering from their own Superbowl rookie jitters. I can’t help but wonder if a Patriots/ Saints Superbowl would have been a better game!

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