Good Morning Tigers!!!!!!!!

With only a week left of preparation, I am beyond excited to get this new school year underway.  Coming from Loudoun County Public Schools, I am eager to bring my experiences with me (in addition to the experiences I will have here) to make this the best possible year EVER!!!!  There will be some familiar programs for our students:

  • Running for Healthy Hearts
  • Annual Winter Basketball Game
  • Student favored PE games (Nucomb Ball, Capture the Oxygen, & Continuous Tag)

A few new programs and customs will be introduced as well, such as:

  • Monday morning Soccer Club (this fall)
  • Lunch Bunches (when possible)
  • THE Golden Shoe (more info to come)

I cannot wait to learn more about my students, staff, school, and this wonderful community.  LET’S GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “Good Morning Tigers!!!!!!!!

  1. Outstanding work! I am soooo lucky that you decided to join us! Your blog is light, fun, and definitely makes you want to come back and visit!

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