Weekly Update 3/21/19

Good morning families!

We have had a full week of fun here at Trevvett! In reading this week, we reviewed writing a summary and finding the author’s purpose in a fiction book. We also started writing a poem about a time we had spicy foods and how that made us feel using all five senses. We’ll hang the final piece in the hallway for the month of April. In science, we started our simple machines unit and will be constructing a catapult from Popsicle sticks and rubber bands tomorrow! In math, we started our Probability unit and learned about the chances of an event happening with spinners, skittles and much more! Next week we have a lot of fun before spring break! If there are any parents or grandparents that would like to volunteer in our classroom next week, please let me know! We love having guests in our classroom!


If you haven’t had a chance to do so, please visit the Book Fair tonight from 5-6 pm. We are also having a PTO Spaghetti Dinner from 5:30-7.  You can buy tickets at the door for Spaghetti from Joe’s Inn.

See you tonight!

Next Week…

Monday, March 25– JA in a Day (Junior Achievement) Representatives from a company will come and teach us about business and economics

Tuesday, March 26– Math and Science Innovation Center Field Trip

Wednesday, March 27– Career Day

Thursday, March 28– PAW Achievement

Friday, March 29-HALF DAY STEAM DAY


Weekly Update 3/14/19

Good morning families!

This week in third grade we have been learning how to summarize a nonfiction text. In writing, we started a research project about trees. In social studies, we’re learning about economics, opportunity cost and economic choices. In math, we are wrapping up our fractions unit by comparing fractions and adding/subtracting fractions! It’s been a busy week! On Monday, we had a lesson with Mr. Clough. He taught us how to make animations of a set of fractions. It was so fun! On Tuesday, we had a Tuesday Talk with Mrs. Broudy and took our reading summative assessment on Thursday.

Moby Max Updates

  1. We started the MobyMax Fact Fluency Challenge on the 1st and continue to make progress in our facts. Please have your child work on his or her facts on MobyMax at home when possible. Thanks!
  2. We also started a class Great Spring Party Contest on MobyMax. We are competing with other classes in the school to see who can take and pass the most lessons. The contest ends March 22. Please have your child work on MobyMax lessons (math or reading) at home when possible. Our reward is a gift card from MobyMax to have a spring party of our choice if we win! 🙂 What great fun!

Important Dates Coming Up…

March 18-22 Spring Book Fair

March 20-First Day of Spring

March 21- Math Summative

March 21- PTO Spaghetti Dinner (Information was sent home on how to purchase tickets)

March 23-Panther Prowl at Hermitage High School

Have a great weekend!

~Mrs. Peay


Weekly Update 3/7/19

Good afternoon families!

This week we have accomplished SO much! In reading, we started our summarizing strategy by asking the questions Who, What, and Why with biographies. We reviewed the difference between a biography and an autobiography. In writing, we reviewed the difference between a contraction and a possessive noun/pronoun. In social studies, we reviewed Mali and the resources of ancient civilizations. In math, we worked on week 2 of fractions! Fractions have been going very well. This week, we focused specifically with fractions on a number line and mixed fractions. Please continue to review making change with $5.00 as students will continue to solve those problems. Yesterday, we watched a lovely performance of the Brass Quintet of the Richmond Symphony. It was amazing to learn all about the different brass instruments. Our Moby Max challenge started last week! Please encourage your child to work on Moby Max at home! 🙂

Upcoming Dates

Tomorrow! Friday, March 8- Math Summative Assessment

Thursday, March 14-Reading Summative

Have a great weekend!

~Mrs. Peay


Weekly Update 2/28/2019

Good morning families!

We have been celebrating Read Across America this week and it has been super fun! Tomorrow, we will have a guest reader come to our classroom and read us a Dr. Suess book! Thanks to all who have participated in the festivities this week!

In reading this week, we are working on determining the author’s purpose of a nonfiction text. In math, I introduced fractions with a review and we will be working on those for the next 2 weeks! In science, we have started to study the phases of the moon and tides. In writing, we have been working on a special research project. Each student chose a topic and have been creating a Scholastic News type magazine called “Peay’s Press”. These will be displayed in the hallway during the month of March so come check them out when you have a chance!

Important Dates Coming Up…

Friday, March 1- 8:00 Guest Reader, 10:00 Book Buddies, 1:15 DEAR

Thursday, March 7- Math Summative Test

Monday, March 11- Lesson with Mr. Clough (If anyone wants to volunteer to help out, I would greatly appreciate it!)

Thursday, March 14- Reading Summative Test

Monday, March 18- St. Patrick’s Day Celebration and start of the Spring Book Fair


~Mrs. Peay

Weekly Update 2/21/19

Good afternoon families!

This week in room 5, we have been practicing extra hand washing skill since there is something going around! We have been working on determining the author’s purpose of a nonfiction text to help us become better readers! In writing, we worked on our personal timelines and are starting a research project. In science, we are working on the water cycle and made water cycles in a Ziploc bag to investigate! In math, we have continued to make change in money. Please continue to review making change at home by playing “store” or taking your child to the grocery store to do some math! We are working on change when paying with a $5 bill. Thanks for your support!

Upcoming Important Dates

Next week is Read Across America Week-Check out the Tiger Tidbit or the photo below for all the fun we have planned!

Thursday, February 28th Black History Living Museum

Thursday, February 28th Reading Summative Assessment

Weekly Update 2/14/19

Good morning families and Happy Valentines Day!

This week we have had a blast! In reading, we have been doing an excellent job at drawing conclusions in fiction and nonfiction text. In math, we started our money unit! Students are counting change up to $5.00 and will begin making change next week. In writing, we have been finishing up our final draft of who our hero is and why. In social studies, we have been studying famous Americans by completing a project on one special American. Monday we had our awards assembly. It was so much fun. I am so proud of each and every student in our class. Congratulations on all your hard work! Today we will be having our Valentines Day party at 1:05. Thank you to everyone who donated an item for our party! We appreciate you!

Upcoming Dates

Monday, February 18 FULL Day of School

Thursday, February 21 Math Summative Test

Thursday, February 28 Black History Living Museum

Have a fun day!

-Mrs. Peay

Weekly Update 2/7/19

Good morning families!

It has been another productive week of review in room 5! We started our math benchmark tests today. In reading this week, we started to draw conclusions using what we read and what we already know. In math, we reviewed for our benchmarks and will get ready to start our  money unit next week. In science, we are wrapping up our matter unit and will move into social studies next week. This week we had a lesson with Ms. Bushey discussing the differences between teasing and bullying. We are celebrating Ms. Bushey all week for National Counselor’s Week! We will also celebrate our progress on benchmark testing with the Benchmark Blast tomorrow afternoon!

Important Dates

TONIGHT! Parent/Teacher Conferences

Tomorrow, February 8th DAY 2 of Math Benchmarks

Monday, February 11th Technology Lesson with Mr. Clough

Monday, February 11th Awards Assembly in our Classroom and Report Cards go home

Thursday, February 14th Valentine’s Day Party

Thanks for your support!

-Mrs. Peay

Weekly Update 1/31/19

Good morning families!

That two hour delay was certainly refreshing! We started right away this morning to finish our benchmark testing! Students will be rewarded for their progress at the Benchmark Blast on Friday, February 8th from 1-2 pm. This week, we reviewed for our benchmark test in reading. In math, we started our review games for the benchmark next week and are having a lot of fun playing review Jeopardy! In science, we started learning about matter and are completing experiments (observation stations) on the mysteries of matter. In writing, we celebrated kindness week by writing about a time someone was kind to us. Our “kindness donuts” will be displayed in the hallway so next time you visit, check those out! 🙂

Upcoming Dates

Thursday, February 7th – Math Benchmark Day 1

– Parent/Teacher Conference Night (Sign up for a slot                                                     with this link)

Friday, February 8th – Math Benchmark Day 2

– Benchmark Blast 1-2 pm

Monday, February 11th – Technology Lesson with Mr. Clough 11 am – 12 pm

If any parents want to volunteer to help out in the classroom during the technology lesson, that would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

Thanks for your support!

-Mrs. Peay


Weekly Update 1/24/19

Good morning Tigers!

This week has been a great week of learning in Room 5! We compared and contrasted two different Cinderella stories using Venn diagrams in reading and reviewed our reading strategies with a Benchmark Showdown game! In math, we have reviewed our multiplication facts and strategies. Please continue to work on these facts at home! Thanks! In science, we have worked on learning about the life cycle of plants, a frog and a butterfly. In writing, we celebrated Principal’s Week by writing friendly letters to Ms. Broudy and Ms. Rhoden.

Important Dates Coming Up

Tomorrow is PAW Achievement!


Wednesday, January 30th- DAY 1 READING BENCHMARK

Thursday, January 31st- DAY 2 READING BENCHMARK

Thursday, February 7th- Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences – Sign up using this link.


Have a great three day weekend!

~Mrs. Peay


Weekly Update 1/17/19

Good morning Tigers!

We have had a fantastic week here at Trevvett. In reading, we are working towards reviewing the skills we have learned this year so far! Please make sure your child is reading nightly for at least 20 minutes and then talking about what they read with someone. Thank you for your support with this! In math, we have been learning about temperature and time. In social studies, we are wrapping up our Mali unit and in writing we have been learning about how to inform our reader about a certain topic.

Important Dates Coming Up

Friday, January 18 Reading Assessment (Sorry for the confusion about the test this week. We take Benchmark tests coming up and we thought it would be better to have another reading test in preparation. Thanks for understanding!)

Monday, January 21 NO SCHOOL –  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Friday, January 25 End of the Grading Period –  PAW ACHIEVEMENT Field Trip

Wednesday, January 30 and Thursday, January 31 Reading Benchmark Testing

Thursday, February 7 and Friday, February 8 Math Benchmark Testing

Next week is Spirit Week! 🙂 

Have a great weekend!

~Mrs. Peay