Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Henrico 21 is an overarching concept that represents innovative approaches to teaching and learning throughout our district. Each year, Henrico County Public Schools hosts an annual showcase to promote, share, and encourage quality teaching (Teacher 21) and learning (Student 21).  The district recognizes high quality lessons from each of our 72 schools that incorporate high levels of teaching and learning as defined by the Teaching and Innovation Progression Chart.


Henrico 21 has a threefold purpose:

  • To promote a culture that encourages collaboration and supports the creation of high quality, engaging, 21st century instruction.
  • To share a collection of high quality 21st century lessons that can be used for instruction in HCPS classrooms.
  • To honor and encourage teachers and students by celebrating their amazing work at a yearly ceremony and fair.

Henrico 21 encourages all teachers to submit their best work each year for recognition, at the annual showcase. It is important to HCPS and Instructional Technology to recognize as many teachers for their excellent work as possible. The information below will help you understand the submission process.

Henrico 21 Lesson Materials Folder

Each publicly viewable Google Drive folder should include, a lesson plan, which includes content standards (SOL or competency), Essential Question, Objectives, Learning Activities), student work sample(s), rubric/evidence of mastery, and any other resources to support implementation.

If you need assistance with the preparation of your materials, please contact your school’s ITRT.

Rules and Regulations – Teachers


  • Full or part-time licensed HCPS teachers and staff.  
    • Co-teachers and/or a team of teachers are eligible for selection as a school’s representative at the Henrico 21 event.
  • Recognized staff must be employed with Henrico County Public Schools, at the time of the ceremony.


  • Teachers will submit to a site-based review team. There is no limit to the number of submissions a teacher can make to the site-based review team.
  • Submissions must be implemented in HCPS between March 2016 and March 2017.
  • Multiple teachers may co-author a submission.
  • HCPS will recognize one submission from each elementary, middle and high school. This provides HCPS the opportunity to showcase the best of Henrico County’s 21st century teaching and learning.
  • Submissions for H21 must include:
    • Lesson plan including, at a minimum, content standards i.e. SOL or competency, Essential Question(s), Objectives, Learning Activities
    • One or more student work samples
    • Evidence of mastery (rubric, assessment)
    • All standard file formats will be accepted. Unusual file type must be accessible on the county issued laptop image. If you are unsure about the file type, save as a pdf. File formats that require software outside of that provided on the HCPS image will not be considered.
  • It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure that any student who has an artifact that is submitted does NOT have a “Denial of Permission for Authorized Media” on file.
  • Teachers should follow all copyright and ethical guidelines detailed in the HCPS Staff Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Submissions drawing on outside lesson plans and ideas should be cited appropriately.


  • Teachers making submissions may be asked to participate in a video interview detailing the creation and delivery of the lesson.
  • Teachers making submissions understand that their work may be shared digitally with outside audiences under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license
  • Apps/programs used must align with Terms of Service and HCPS approved resources

H21 Guidelines for Site-based Review Teams

Each school forms a site-based review team to review submissions at the site level, provide feedback to teachers, and make recommendations to move lessons on to the represent their school at the district level.

  • Each school will determine the specific due date and process for the site-based review team.
  • All lessons must be submitted to your school ITRT.
  • Lessons will be evaluated using the TIP Chart by site-based committees selecting one lesson to represent their specific school at the Henrico 21 event.
    • Please include anything essential to understanding the lesson, at a minimum, a lesson plan, appropriate student work sample(s) that demonstrate the quality learning output of the teaching, and evidence of mastery (rubric).

Please direct any questions you may have to the Department of Instructional Technology:

Kourtney Bostain, Assistant Director of Instructional Technology

Katie Owens, Educational Specialist- High School Support

Jon Gregori, Educational Specialist- Middle School Support

Jon Wirsing. Educational Specialist- Elementary School Support

Doug Saunders, Central Office Special Projects ITRT

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