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Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses

Teacher(s) Name: van Bylant, , , and

School: Hungary Creek MS

Grade Level(s): Grade 6,Grade 7,Grade 8,Grade 9,Grade 10,Grade 11,Grade 12

Content Area(s): Art

Lesson Summary

Students watched a video on Tiny Houses as inspiration for their project. They discussed the advantages and disadvantages of tiny house living, designed a floor plan using a scale model, and then worked in partners or groups to create their Tiny House. Students had many options for how to build their houses. The examples here were created using either Minecraft or Legos. Students then created a video tour of their home.

TIPC Ratings

Research & Information Fluency

Rating:Approaching – Explanation: The teacher showed them a video to inspire them and as a class we listed advantages and disadvantages of tiny house. Students worked independently with only minor assistance with the teacher on how to make a tour. Students researched tiny houses on their own and were able to choose how they built their house. The students came up with the idea to build in Minecraft on their own.

Communication & Collaboration

Rating: Approaching – Explanation: Students were encouraged to work in small groups and they shared their completed work with the faculty, however they did not communicate with each other outside of their groups very much. Student groups were self selected and regulated. The students worked together to keep each other on task and accomplish goals.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Rating: Ideal – Explanation: The students were fully engaged in this project because they got to choose what they wanted to do. They worked well past the time allotted and at home. Students selected the format and materials to build their house, depending on their own skills and interests. Students had to cope with unexpected problems, such as other students destroying their work in the Minecraft universe.

Creativity & Innovation

Rating: Ideal – Explanation: Teacher facilitated creativity by setting broad parameters and encouraging students to explore the unexpected. When 2 students asked if they could use Minecraft to build their house, the teacher surprised them by saying YES! Students were fully engaged in the creative process from the planning stages, through building and even in creating a digital tour of their homes. They chose a platform which met their personal needs and interests.

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