The Golden Age of Greece

The Golden Age of Greece

Teacher(s) Name: Mrs. Szot, , , and

School: Hungary Creek MS

Grade Level(s): Grade 8

Content Area(s): Social Studies, World History

Lesson Summary

In this lesson, students will work in a group to research an important individual or topic related to ancient Greece or the Golden Age of Athens. Students will research their topic in order to teach their classmates about the important contribution. Each group will create an activity, product, or demonstration to engage their classmates in their lesson. Finally, each group will create study questions based on their lesson to check for their classmates understanding of their research topic. The goal is for students to connect each group’s topic to the impact it made on Western civilization.

TIPC Ratings

Research & Information Fluency

Rating:Approaching – Explanation: In this lesson, students must research key questions to determine how their Greek individual or topic impacted Western civilization today. They assemble and synthesize information to address an authentic task.

Communication & Collaboration

Rating: Ideal – Explanation: Students collaborated in self-selected groups to research a topic and create a presentation. Students are given the opportunity to utilize a variety of platforms for their presentations: Google slides, Google sites, Nearpod, Kahoot, Online jeopardy game, class tools, prezi, MovieMaker, or other approved digital tools.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Rating: Approaching – Explanation: Students have to decide the most important information that their classmates will need to understand from their research topic. In addition, their research must provide evidence on how their topic still impacts our culture today.

Creativity & Innovation

Rating: Ideal – Explanation: Students must create an activity for their classmates. Many examples are provided to students, but students are encouraged to become the teachers and create their own lesson plan. Students are asked to consider how they would like to learn about their topic and then they must create their own activity, simulation, or demonstration to engage their classmates.

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