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Exploring the Bill of Rights – ‘Buzz Feed’ Style!

Exploring the Bill of Rights – ‘Buzz Feed’ Style!

Teacher(s) Name: Mr. Aaron Goodman

School: GRAD Program

Grade Level(s): Grade 6

Content Area(s): Civics

Lesson Summary

After learning about the Bill of Rights and advance web search strategies, students in Social Studies 6 class created ‘buzzfeed-styled’ multiple choice questions on the first ten amendments to the U. S. Constitution. Their questions are shared on a class Google Slide document, posted to the web and shared with the world!

TIPC Ratings

Research & Information Fluency

Rating:Developing – Explanation: This lesson focuses on Research and Information Fluency with an added emphasis on Communication.

In terms of Research and Information Fluency, students are encouraged to use more sophisticated Google search strategies to locate images that are allowed to be used on the web. Although many students are used to simply finding any image and copying it, these students are exposed to legal and ethical issues relating to posting information online. This lesson is rated as Developing in terms of both teacher expectations and student behaviors.

Communication & Collaboration

Rating: Developing – Explanation: As students are shown how to access their ‘Google Doc’ accounts and to locate shared documents, they are learning to communicate in a much different method than traditionally found in classrooms. Additionally, they create documents in the form of multiple choice questions that will be share on the web. By writing for a larger audience, students are communicating at a higher level in terms of both quality and quantity. Consequently, this lesson is rated as Developing in terms of the Communication strand on the HCPS TIP Chart.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Rating: Not observed – Explanation: N/A

Creativity & Innovation

Rating: Not observed – Explanation: N/A

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