Moments in Time (15MS605)

Moments in Time (15MS605)

This lesson is for : Grade 8:


The goal of this assignment is for students to complete independent research on a topic of their choice. Students complete research on two separate occasions, once during the first semester and again during the second semester. After completing research on their topics, students create “Moment in Time” audio clips and embed these clips into a Google Site. On the day of the each student’s “Moment in Time,” his/her research is shared over the school announcements. Students at the school are encouraged to access the website in order to find additional information on topics that pique their interest.

Another goal of this assignment is for students to continually reflect on their work and the research process. After the first semester assignments have been completed, students listen to each other’s podcasts and critique their work and the work of their classmates. Based on these discussions, the students adapt their research process for the second semester as necessary.

TIPC Ratings

Research & Information Fluency

Rating: Ideal – Explanation: One of the main goals of this assignment is to have students practice research skills and investigate a topic that holds personal interest. As such, research and information fluency are the main focus of this particular assignment. During the first semester portion of the assignment, students complete basic research on the topic of their choice. Students use sites like “This day in history” to find topics that interest them and then use search engines to delve deeper into their topic. In order to help the students improve and develop their research skills, the first semester products are used as a learning tool for the students. The students review each other’s work and reflect on which “Moments” are best and which research is the most reliable and relevant.

Based on this reflection, the structure for the semester 2 is adapted. All students create research questions to guide their individual research and assemble, organize, and synthesize their sources to create their final “Moment in Time.” Students do not just present the basic facts (who, what, when, where, how, etc.) about their topic. Instead, they use these facts to create a statement/conclusion about that event/person’s importance, relevance, and/or connection to the current world. The students display their final Moment and the research that led to this Moment on a Google Site. On the day of their Moment, the student’s Moment in Time script and accompanying song are played over the school announcements. Students who are interested in learning more about the topic are directed to the Moment in Time website, where viewers can interact with the information and explore the student’s provided research.

The task at hand is authentic because the lesson allows the student to investigate a topic of his/her choice. This lesson models the thought process that is necessary for answering high level historical questions. Additionally, the students have an audience for their research. The student’s Moment’s In Time are broadcasted over the school announcements and published online so that other students can explore the topics that pique their interest.

Communication & Collaboration

Rating: Developing – Explanation: The students embed their audio and research into a Google Site. This allows student to communicate their research with their classmates and the rest of the school.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Rating: Approaching – Explanation: In this lesson students generate their own purposeful and higher order historical research questions. The students use search engines to locate information that helps them to think critically and respond to these questions.

Creativity & Innovation

Rating: Approaching – Explanation: The students use Audacity and Soundcloud to create a short “Podcast” about their Moment in Time and share their creation with an extended audience via a Google Site.

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