There’s an APP for That! – 7404

There’s an APP for That! – 7404


Students will display knowledge of a skill mastered in the classroom through an ongoing interactive bulletin board.  The board will be composed of individual student-designed app icons with corresponding QR codes that once scanned display the students teaching the skill mastered.  Teachers at the school will be contacted to communicate what skills are being displayed on the board allowing other students to learn from the projects

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Idea/Target- Students are selecting appropriate technology tools and informations sources to be able to complete digital projects.  They must Assemble and synthesize information to address authentic tasks. They are working on assembling and organizing their information in order to re-teach it to their peers. Finally, students are using tools to powerfully display and interact with information.

Approaching – students are working individually and/or in groups to create a digital project to communicate and collaborate with their peers.

Idea/Target – Students are required to apply digital tools to think critically and solve open ended authentic tasks that require higher order thinking skills.  They must select the most appropriate digital tools, as well as questioning, critical thinking and problem solving strategies to solve authentic tasks related to the app they choose to create.  Finally, students reflect on their roles as critical thinkers and/or problems solvers and set goals for future growth.

Target – In order to create a successful app a student must synthesize existing and self-generated knowledge to create new ideas and products within and beyond assignment parameters. Also they choose strategic risks that support innovation. Finally, they reflect on the creative/innovative process and set goals for future growth.Student Artifact

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