Es Una Fiesta! – 7732

Es Una Fiesta! – 7732


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Students in Mrs. Christian’s Spanish class have been commissioned to design a fancy Evite-like website composed entirely in Spanish inviting their classmates to a special event. It was suggested that students use Smore for the website creation, but were given the opportunity to choose among a variety of alternative options that they wanted to explore that might lend itself to accomplish the goal of this lesson. The website had to contain, but was not limited to, a list of specific party details as well as an audio segment recorded in Spanish. Students were asked to record the audio using the Audacity Software. The recordings had to be uploaded to the cloud in order for it to be embedded seamlessly into their “Evite” website. Once the student, or team of students, completed their site they needed to invite at least 5 other students in the building using their email address. The emails needed to be written in Spanish, and each email had to include their website invitation link attached to the email. Recipients had to “reply all” in Spanish with their RSVP. If a student chose to work with a classmate on their lesson project they were encouraged to assign group roles so each person in the group knew their responsibility.

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Entry – The focus of this lesson did not revolve around research and information fluency. Students were able to utilize online resources and search techniques to enhance their overall project and to discover new information. Students were provided with digital directions and handouts on the Google Site that encouraged use information fluency in order to problem solve and answer any questions they might have regarding specific software and/or concepts.

Ideal – This lesson contained a large range of communication methods and digital tools. Students used Titan Pad and Gmail as a means of communicating and disseminating authentic information to the class as well as to students in other Spanish classrooms. The use of a teacher created Google Site clearly spelled out the the project guidelines for students and their parents. The site also included a teacher modeled end – product, Google documents consisting of directions explaining the use of any suggested digital tools, a rubric, and a reflection. Students were given the opportunity to work in self selected groups and given the choice of which cloud based final product they wanted to use to promote their invitation. The use of Soundcloud and Smore made the student final products accessible to practically anyone with an internet connection. Students in the class also had the option of social media such as Twitter to disseminate the information to an even wider audience. This lesson exemplifies how a teacher can formatively assess an authentic task where students are engaged in meaningful communication and purposeful collaboration.

Approaching – The students were presented with the problem of what options to consider when one needs to disseminate information to a global audience. This involved the students selecting the most appropriate digital tools that could help foster this communication. Students had to develop and answer questions (In Spanish) regarding a real world scenario. The conclusion of this project included a segment where students were asked to reflect on the final projects outcome.

Approaching – Given the freedom of choice and a scenario that all middle school students can relate to (throwing a party) students demonstrated their creativity through their outstanding final products. The teacher modeled strategic craftsmanship through the use of a Google Site, and designed many opportunities for students to communicate/collaborate with one another. The online invitations created by the class showed clear connections between the students and the subject matter. Most importantly, the teacher was viewed as a facilitator during this entirely fluid, ever changing process.

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