Snow Me The Time – 7322

Snow Me The Time – 7322


The students used prior knowledge on telling time and making times with the hour and minute hands on the clock to create a dream schedule for the perfect snow day. The students were placed with partners during math stations to collaborate and use their imaginations on what their ideal snow day would be. After gathering ideas, they were given clocks and iPads to turn their creative thoughts into a story. They had to use 4 different times throughout a day, write a sentence, and draw a picture for that time and activity. The students used clocks and made times to the nearest hour, took a picture of the clock with the iPad using Story Kit, and then used the clock to correspond with a sentence during that time of the day. As an extension, some students created times to the nearest half hour. The students then recorded their story with the voice recorder on Story Kit and were able to listen and read to their partners.

TIPC Ratings

This activity occurred at the end of the time unit, so research was not a major component for this lesson.

This lesson falls in the Approaching range for Commnication & Collaboration. Students worked with a partner to generate story ideas, problem solve as they created their Story Kit, and share their completed stories with each other. Students utilizes the voice recorder in Story Kit to explain record themselves reading their sentence. The finished Story Kits were published and e-mailed.

This lesson falls in the Approaching range for Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Students used knowledge on using the hour and minute hand to formulate corresponding sentences. Students had to think of activities that they would be doing on a snow day and come up with an appropriate time for that activity to take place. In addition, they had to properly display the time they selected on an analog clock.

This lesson falls in the Approaching range for Creativity and Innovation. Students analyzed trends from their daily schedules and used this knowledge to inspire a schedule for the perfect snow day. Students created meaningful, original work in which they wrote, illustrated, and narrated a story explaining what they would do on their perfect snow day.

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