First Aid & CPR Mobile App – 8164

First Aid & CPR Mobile App – 8164


Students create a real First Aid & CPR mobile app that can be used with a smartphone in the event of an emergency.  Using the dual platform (both web-based and mobile accessible) app creation application, Yapp (, students collaboratively synthesize information from internet research, notes taken in class and the American Red Cross Manual into one cohesive app.  Small groups within the class each cover a major First Aid or CPR topic with an informative page, a how to treat page, and a photo gallery page.  The teacher creates one app in the Yapp program that all the students work inside of, creating a single, easy to use mobile app covering all aspects of First Aid or CPR.  Finally, student peer review other sections of the app to be sure they are accurate and complete a self-reflection on their own learning process.  Students use the authentic product as a study guide or if needed as a reference in an emergency.

TIPC Ratings

Approaching – The teacher models app creation and scaffolds guided research by providing resources as a starting point for investigation. The teacher supports students as they organize information and ultimately synthesize three app pages about a topic.  Students are formatively assessed by the teacher with the provided rubric.

Approaching – Students work in groups to complete research and create three app pages. They communicate directly with their peers in class and use the app “News Feed” to communicate while they were not in class. The peer feedback provided an opportunity for students to reflect on collaboration and communication within the learning process.  Students are formatively assessed by the teacher with data collected from the App Peer Feedback Form.

Approaching – Students must synthesize prior knowledge and new research into organized app pages to respond to the authentic need for a mobile app that references First Aid and CPR skills.  Groups must justify all elements of their topic to the group to meet the standards of an app for public use.  Students reflect  on the group critical thinking and problem solving  with the App Peer Feedback Form, used by the teacher in assessment.

Target – The teacher facilitates students in an authentic task, making a real, usable, mobile app.  Student use prior knowledge and new learning to create a new genuine product.  Student reflect on the creative process with the App Lesson Feedback Form, while the teacher assesses the students innovation using the rubric.

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