Eat This, Not That!

Eat This, Not That!


In this lesson, students assume the role of author/editor working for a publishing company that has been given the assignment to work on the next installment of the “Eat This, Not That” series. This new publication focuses on making healthy decisions when dining at fast food restaurants. Each student team (the students work in pairs) is given the task of researching the nutritional value and overall healthiness of three different (but comparable) meals from three different fast food restaurants. In order to quickly and easily engage and persuade the target audience, each student team creates an infographic to display their research. Along with the infographic, each group publishes a written editorial in which he/she justifies his/her choice for the healthiest meal based on the research presented in his/her team’s infographic. The infographics and written editorials of all teams are displayed collectively on a web-page, so that readers can make informed choices about a variety of fast-food meals.

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The initial resources in the document library allow the students to construct research questions that will guide the creation of their infographic. Using their knowledge of harmful and beneficial nutrients, students determine what information they need to locate and include in their final product. After selecting the most appropriate information to include, the students synthesize the provided resources and other information found on their own to assemble and organize a coherent and convincing infographic that displays their research in an appropriate manner. Many of the infographics are interactive; allowing the creator and viewers to adjust the way information is displayed and visualized with the click of a button. This task is authentic because the nature of this assignment relates directly to the real world experiences of the students, who often eat at fast foot restaurants. The knowledge gained and shared throughout this lesson will help the students to make healthier choices in their futures.

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Students work in teacher selected pairs during the process and post their final work to a class website. A website is used to display all of the student work so that students may comment on each other’s work and share their work with their friends and families (who might also eat fast food). Additionally, by putting the work online, the students are creating a bank of resources that can be referenced in the future. In this manner, the students are using digital tools to communicate information to their peers.

Ideal – 6

Before creating their infographics, the students generate purposeful questions regarding the nutritional value of their meals (Ex. – “How much sodium do these meals contain?”). The students respond to these questions through their research and creation of their infographic (using The students use their infographic not only to display their research, but to justify their future decision making when eating fast food and reflect on their own eating choices, which is an authentic, real-world task. Students do not choose the tool(s) that they use to solve the lesson “problem.” This goal of the assignment is to teach students nutritional information, but also instruct about visually displaying information in a clear and concise manner, which is why is an effective tool for this particular lesson.

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This lesson ultimately culminates with the students creating a product that can be shared with a wide audience. This infographic allows the students to summarize and analyze their research and make predictions about what they should be eating in the future.

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