My Job, My Money

My Job, My Money


In this lesson, students choose a career. They research the income for their given career and are grouped according to income. Students develop a monthly budget that includes the type of house and car they can afford utilizing Microsoft Excel. Students present the information with images, text, sound, and charts in Windows Movie Maker.

TIPC Ratings

This lesson is in the lower end of approaching (4) for RIF. Information had to be analyzed from a variety of sources. To begin the lesson, the teacher has students evaluating websites using a known evaluation method. The teacher directed students to sites for calculating mortgage payments, showing them how to use the calculation tool. The teacher demonstrated search techniques for houses and for cars. Students were instructed to cite sources. Students developed questions throughout the process that were personal. Students selected most information sources, but did not necessarily select their own digital tools.

This lesson falls in the lower end of approaching (4) for CC. Students worked in real-time groups in this project. They were given an authentic task and had to divide up the work in order to complete the task. Students used Google Docs to share files and images for the project as homework.

This lesson falls in the lower end of approaching (4) for CTPS. Students tackled a rigorous and relevant task (how to budget money as an adult). They generated and responded to higher-level questions. Students used Microsoft Excel as a critical thinking tool to work out the budget and to present information. Students had to justify spending through visual charts.

This lesson falls into the lower end of the approaching category (4) in CI. The teacher modeled creativity and craftsmanship with the use of an exemplar. The lesson included an opportunity to synthesize research and collaborate digitally. Communication skills were targeted as students built a presentation for peers. Students had ample opportunity for personal choice although the digital tool assigned was Windows Movie Maker. Students generated and responded to questions such as “what type of house can I afford monthly with my chosen career?” Students created meaningful work within the parameters of the assignment. Students did not analyze trends or make predictions for this project, preventing it from being in the higher end of approaching for CI.

Student Artifact

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