Vehicles of the Future – What do You See?

Vehicles of the Future – What do You See?

Submitted by: Lorie Butler
School: Elko Middle School


Technology is always changing and improving our lives every day from being able to watch a movie on a cell phone, printing pictures from a printer through Wifi, to a train that runs on magnetism. In this lesson, the students’ task is to create their own vehicle of the future that will be both unique and efficient. Students will generate questions as they read a current event article from TeenBiz3000 that describes a futuristic car that can run under water. Students in this self-contained reading class will use these questions to guide their research. The lesson is an extension activity to be utilized with the Teen Biz Reading Program.

TIPC Ratings

Teacher models strategies to guide student investigations, designs a challenge that promotes synthesis of resources and addresses and authentic task as students construct questions to guide research and select appropriate digital tools.

Teacher defines structures for student communication inside the classroom, as students work in self- selected teams to address an authentic task.

Teacher models a range of critical thinking and/or problem solving strategies and supports students as they engage the challenges and problems purposefully. Students generate and respond to purposeful questions in order to guide the design of their vehicle.

Teacher designs opportunities for students to synthesize research, communicate/collaborate, and apply critical thinking skills to address an authentic task. Students analyze their research and make predictions in order to design a car for the future.

Student Artifact


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  • Lesson Plan
  • Collaborative Rubric
  • Individual Rubric
  • Flipchart to Guide Lesson

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