Scientists Use Senses!

Scientists Use Senses!

Submitted by: Kerby Stuller
Collaborators: Stephanie Wright (ITRT), Margaret Wilson (First Grade Teacher), Sarah Romers (First Grade Teacher), Cynthia Gettsy (First Grade Teacher), Andrea Velle (Librarian)
School: Scientists Use Senses!


This 3-day lesson will serve as a review of the five senses. The students will collaborate and complete research to explore their five senses using scientific investigation. Research will include hands-on exploration with real materials and exploration of books, magazines, and web resources to find examples of how we use our senses. The students will be divided into diverse small groups to complete the research. Collaboration will include working as a group to complete the research and sharing findings and observations with the class. This lesson will culminate with a digital slideshow of the findings from the entire class. This slideshow will then be shared with other first grade classes in Henrico County and beyond.

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The students will select information from a variety of digital resources and databases. Students will have to determine appropriate resources for the authentic tasks.

Students will work in cooperative groups to complete the group project. While completing the group project, the students will use multiple forms of communication. These include verbal discussion, written research, and digital presentation

The students will use technology and other resources with the teacher serving as the facilitator in order to apply critical thinking and research skills.

The students will apply existing knowledge to create ideas and products. The students will blend technology and limited personal choice to generate new ideas and products.

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  • Lesson Plan
  • Pixie Actiity
  • Promethean Flipchart
  • Senses Labels/li>
  • Student Rubric
  • Teacher Rubric

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