Magnets in Our Life

Magnets in Our Life

Submitted by: Amy Moore, Kindergarten
Collaborators: Whitney deBordenave, Elementary ITRT
School: Sandston


After initial classroom introduction on magnets and their properties, students were asked to research how staff used magnets in their everyday life at school using the iPads to record their interviews. In small groups, students went to various staff members to see where magnets were used and items they would or would not attract to in the immediate environment. Using the information they discovered, students then researched magnets in their classroom and communicated and documented it using StoryKit.

TIPC Ratings

The lesson is Approaching in Research and Information Fluency as student used the iPads to investigate within the classroom and around the school. They went around the school and gathered new information to learn how magnets are used in the school and objects they attract to or do not.

The lesson is Target/Ideal for Communication and Collaboration. The students worked well in partners and groups to address the various parts of the lesson. Students reflections show application of new knowledge.

The lesson is Approaching in Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. As students applied what they learned to new situations in the various student centered activities that they completed in the lesson. Students used digital tools, such as the iPad, to document and explain their reasoning with StoryKit.

The lesson was Approaching in Creativity and Innovation as students had a lot of choice for what items they wanted to use in their work. They use various technological mediums – keynote, story kit, iPad video, Pixie, and the Promethean Board at different stages of the lesson. Students went beyond teacher expectation by taking a picture of people and placing it within a picture of the puppet center.

Student Artifact

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