Living Systems in the 21st Century

Living Systems in the 21st Century

Submitted by: Emily Oliff
School: Glen Allen Elementary


Students will research, communicate, collaborate, think critically, problem solve, and be innovative through the exploration of living systems unit. Each student will be required to complete five stations throughout the week using a tick-tac-toe check board. Teachers may use their professional discretion to decide if students will benefit from being with peers of similar academic abilities or to mix abilities in hopes that students’ strengths complement one another’s in the classroom. Once students have completed each station, they will mark it off their tic-tac-toe board while attaching their work to the packet or saving it in their personal folder on the computer. Once the activity is marked off, each student will have a chance to complete an enrichment activity that targets their specific learning style and challenges them using a differentiated learning model. This lesson incorporates differentiated learning instruction while incorporating 21st century skills that will benefit each student in the future.

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Throughout the week, the students will be using various print and electronic resources to collect information on the 5 kingdoms. The students will need to use this information to create products to share their knowledge on the kingdoms.

The students will be creating authentic products that will share their knowledge on the 5 kingdoms. The students can work in collaborative groups throughout the week.

Students will show their critical thinking skills to solve problems that are presented at each of the 5 stations. Students will be challenged with authentic tasks that will take problem solving skills to complete.

The students have the opportunity to create original products that showcase their knowledge of the 5 kingdoms during this week of classroom rotations.

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  • Lesson Plan
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Board
  • Student samples are embedded in lesson plan.
  • Student sample movie

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