Fall and Winter Dioramas

Fall and Winter Dioramas

Submitted by: Erin Chalifoux, Kindergarten
Collaborators: Whitney deBordenave, Elementary ITRT
School: Donahoe Elementary School


After learning about the fall and winter seasons, students were challenged to create a three-dimensional display to teach and show other people all over the world about what the fall and winter seasons are like in Henrico, Virginia. I had the students choose either fall or winter for their display. Next, they selected classmates, who chose the same season, and divided themselves into small groups. Each group spent time together collaborating, researching their season, using their background knowledge and exploring the materials available to them. Then students brainstormed and shared their ideas for their diorama using their written and oral communication skills. The groups worked together collaboratively to create a three-dimensional display that portrays a visual image of their season in Henrico, VA. The final products will be shared with students at Donahoe Elementary and showcased on the Museum Box website for people all around the world to see and comment on. The website address for our final product on Museum Box is: http://museumbox.e2bn.org/creator/viewer/show/ 205686

TIPC Ratings

This lesson is Developing in Research and Information Fluency. Students researched using the books that were provided and their Science journals. They did not create their own questions to direct their research.

This lesson is Ideal/Target in Communication and Collaboration. Students worked in groups based on student choice. All students communicated and collaborated throughout the entire process from start to finish and created a final product that reflected their ability to work together as a team. Their work was shared with an audience outside the classroom through Museum Box and they reflected on their performance and their partners.

The lesson is Approaching in Critical Thinking and Problem Solving as each group came up with ideas to showcase how their season should be ultimately displayed. All team members drew from previous knowledge and classroom research in order to define how they would complete the project. At the end of the project all students were video recorded in their groups explaining their project using the iPads. One group member from each group was recorded answering the question: “What is the most important thing you think people all over the world should know about your season?

This lesson is Approaching in Creativity and Innovation. Students displayed their creativity by collaborating on which materials to use and how to use them. The students, working together to create an original, well-designed finished product developed new perspectives and insights. All students had to share ideas and test different strategies and methods in order to compile a final product together. They used digital tools to document their creations.

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