Weather Forecasting

Weather Forecasting

Submitted by: Marni Kroeber
Collaborators: Suzanne Whitlow
School: Three Chopt Elementary


Prior to the project portion of our weather unit, we had studied the tools, phenomena and systems necessary for a basic understanding of weather processes in our atmospheric system. During the project portion of our weather studies, we applied this knowledge by creating weather maps using our knowledge of weather patterns and systems in North America, the data meteorologists provide in their forecasts, and information gathered in our studies. We also had the great fortune of finding Dan Goff, a local meteorologist who reports for as well as chief meteorologist for WUVT-FM, Virginia Tech’s radio station. Dan provided the students with a fantastic amount of information in response to questions the students posed in a blog format he set up especially for them. The students created weather maps using Inspire Software for the Promethean Board, wrote scripts to reflect the events shown on their maps, composed blog questions for Dan as they developed their maps, and created weather forecasts using the Green Screen feature of Photo Booth software.

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Students used varied resources to research what weather maps look like, including live telecasts, images from weather websites, books, and an expert in the field. This puts this project into the Target area for Research and Information Fluency.

The communication piece of this project was very strong. Students blogged with a meteorologist, with each other and had the authentic task of preparing a visual diagram of actual weather to use in a mock weather forecast using chroma-key.

The content of the questions the students were asking on the blog represent the problems the students were having in developing their maps, and their seeking out of the information to help them solve those problems and create higher levels of understanding. This project is in the Target area.

Of particular concern at the beginning of the project was how the students might represent the various weather symbols on the map without them being provided with them. Through their perserverance in searching the resources in Inspire, Pixie, and online resources such as Pics for Learning, the students found solutions on their own. There is great variety in the outcome of the maps, and is a credit to the originality of these works. It scores Target area for Creativity.

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