Eye on the Storm – Hurricane Preparation and Awareness

Eye on the Storm – Hurricane Preparation and Awareness

Submitted by: Stacie Dyson

Collaborators: Joyce Tzavellas, Carey Ratlief, Devon Clark and Janelle Buggio

School: Elko Middle


A tropical storm is forming and quickly approaching!  It is your job to track the storm as it grows.  The station manager needs digital and visual resources to be streamed online and on television to help the viewer’s prepare for the storm and stay informed in the event of a mandated evacuation.  The students’ task is to investigate the role of heat energy in weather related phenomena, research what causes hurricanes of varying category strengths and the damage they cause once they make land fall.  Students assume the role of a weather team and use the information  gathered to create digital material meant to inform viewers of the technical aspects of the hurricane, outlining the “life” of the hurricane, the cause and effects of hurricanes on land, how to prepare, and when to evacuate.

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Students constructed questions to guide their research, assemble, and organize their findings to complete an authentic task.

Students worked in self-selected teams and assigned roles to select appropriate digital tools to communicate and collaborate with their peers and audiences beyond the classroom.  Students applied their knowledge to the creation of an original product meant to help prepare the public for an approaching hurricane.

Students generated purposeful questions to guide their research and used appropriate digital tools to provide solutions for hurricane preparation and safety.

Students questioned, summarized, and made predictions on existing knowledge to create meaningful work within the assignment parameters.

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  • Photo Credit: John Antoni

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