Profiling a Killer: Looking at the Science of Serial Killing Through the Eyes of the FBI

Profiling a Killer: Looking at the Science of Serial Killing Through the Eyes of the FBI

Submitted by: Jessica Slota
School: Deep Run High School


This lesson will focus on the classifying and analysis of a serial killer. Students will research a serial killer and the popular psychology of the time to synthesize a prosecution’s perspective or a psychologist’s analysis of the serial killer. Students will then use their new understanding to create an original work visually depicting a prosecution and a psychological analysis of their serial killer using MovieMaker.

TIPC Ratings

This lesson is approaching to near target because students were instructed about to do high quality research and then assembled and synthesized their own sources to address the authentic tasks of a competency hearing for a serial killer, either as the FBI profiler or the Forensic Psychologist.

This lesson is approaching because student chose their own groups with assigned tasks and used digital tools to communicate class assignments.

This lesson is approaching because students investigated the authentic tasks of evaluating a serial killer through the eyes of the FBI profiler or forensic psychologist. Students used critical thinking and problem solving to research information, consider and decide how to assemble and apply the information as well as how to convey their new understanding through the use of digital tools. At the end of the process students also reflected on their finished product as well as their teammates’ contributions to the project.

This lesson was approaching because students produced a meaningful video (from an original script) after synthesizing and analyzing information to create a professional profile of a serial killer. Students also reflected on their project upon completion.

Student Artifact

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  • Henrico 21 Lesson Plan
  • Profiling Killers Rubric
  • Student-created script for video artifact

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